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Intuitive Stories (08:00)


Dreams and creativity share a quality of connection and spontaneity. Amy Tan is inspired by an emotional quality in her dreaming.

Breakthroughs (05:44)

The mind is more creative in an uninhibited state. Deep centers of the brain fire during REM sleep.

Putting it Together (05:24)

Most people do not have auditory content in their dreams. Occasionally, learning takes place while we sleep.

Emotional Experiences (06:35)

Amy Tan finds meaning in dreams. She has experienced visits from dead relatives and learning to fly while asleep.

Dream Visitation (06:52)

In the past dreamers attributed visions of others as messages from the Gods. Amy Tan was guided by a teacher in recurring dreams.

Loose Borders (06:17)

Amy Tan has temporal lobe seizures that do not generate creativity. Complex processes occur during problem solving dreams.

Researching Unconsciousness (05:13)

Dream activity is studied through brain scans. The most research has been done on lucid dreaming.

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Amy Tan's books and stories have included ideas, breakthroughs, and whole narratives unleashed during dreams. She believes that her creativity relates to a free-form combination of memory, emotion and sensory synesthesia leading to metaphors and narrative paths. Her dreams have a similar quality. Do dreams enhance creative leaps? Can one use dreaming to increase creativity in specific ways? She discusses the effect of dreams on creativity with Harvard clinical psychologist and dream researcher Deirdre Barrett.

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