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Emotional Dreaming (05:06)


During REM sleep the executive function of the brain goes quiet. Higher parts of the brain cannot create dreams without the ancient medulla and pons.

What is Dreaming? (05:27)

According to Myers dreams may be the evolutionary precursors of thought. Michel Jouvet's 1965 cat experiments illuminated REM sleep.

Flushing the System (06:24)

Scientists debate the value of dream content. Rapid eye movement is no longer equivalent to dreaming.

Not Either-Or (06:10)

The connections between dreams, art-making, and meditation are still poorly understood by science. Francis Crick theorized that dreams are random perceptual garbage.

Memories of Sleep (05:23)

Emotions and dopamine energize dreams. Siri Hustvedt consolidates dream images through language.

Suppressed Consciousness (06:12)

The dreaming mechanism of the brain is older than the waking mechanism. Jaak Panksepp argues consciousness has states of emergence and that the old mind is inhibited.

Dream Experiments (04:05)

There has not been a good human experiment on dream content. Freud's theories of the mind were based largely on self-reporting.

Artistic Experience (05:57)

Experience outside of consciousness is not necessarily unconsciousness. Siri Hustvedt is unaware of herself when writing.

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Writer Siri Hustvedt is a migraine sufferer and will often experience aphasic dreams. As she enters the slumbering state she will have hallucinations. As she says, these "are anomalies, no doubt, tics of the nervous system that affect some, not all, but they could well help explain more general human qualities—who we are, what we feel, and how we see. I suspect that everyone has a few Lilliputians in hiding. It may be just a question of whether they pop out or not." Siri Hustvedt is a novelist and essayist. In both her fiction and nonfiction, she has explored the ambiguous boundaries between the imaginary and the real, waking life and dreaming, and the brain and the mind. Jaak Panksepp is a Distinguished Research Professor of Psychobiology, emeritus, at Bowling Green State University and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo.

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