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Cooking for the Customer (06:47)


Chefs observe untouched plates a sign to improve the pleasure of their product. Jacques Torres has an average palette and his dishes have wide appeal.

Evolutionary Bodies (05:30)

Food preference varies little among the human race. Desire to eat sweets, salts, and fats abundantly ensured survival before modernity.

Conching (06:01)

Creating chocolate is a long process. Roasting cacao beans defines the end characteristics and flavors.

Feeling Pleasure from the Brain (06:38)

Dopamine creates pleasure during sex or while eating and drinking. Some drugs can short-circuit the pleasure centers in the brain and lead to addiction.

Pleasure Evolution (06:57)

Good feelings in the brain can be triggered by everyday experiences. Anticipation activates the brain's pleasure circuit.

Addictive Personality (06:13)

Gene variants create a predisposition to repeated pleasure-seeking behavior. Humans have evolved to enjoy a level of risk.

From Liking to Wanting (02:46)

Addiction is the brain's transformation from liking to wanting. Addicts may crave one or multiple stimuli.

Instinct to Share (03:31)

Many people experience pleasure from anonymous giving. Sharing makes evolutionary sense.

Tasting Session (03:42)

Jacques Torres talks the audience through eating chocolates. Non-real chocolates melt at human body temperature.

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Brainwave Dreams: Part 3—The Compass of Pleasure

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In "The Compass of Pleasure," Johns Hopkins neuroscientist David J. Linden explains how pleasure affects us at the most fundamental level: in our brain. The master chocolatier Jacques Torres provides the audience with samples of his most mouthwatering selections to allow participants to both experience pleasure while the process itself is being discussed. Presented as part of the Brainwave series at the Rubin Museum of Art.

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