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Attachment Defined (03:29)


In the West attachment is seen as necessary and healthy. Buddhists use this term to describe craving or clinging, as differentiated from love.

Generosity vs Agenda (03:13)

Sara Lazar loves her friend who struggled with cancer and does not want to let her go. The desire to fix a romantic relationship is a manifestation of attachment.

Neurochemicals of Addiction (02:32)

Scientific studies on attachment center on addiction, specifically the neurotransmitter dopamine. Meditation affects chemical receptors in the brain.

Grey Matter (02:49)

Research subjects reported increased feelings of wellbeing after 8-weeks of mindfulness training. Brain scan results showed increased grey matter in the brain stem.

Increased Well Being (04:07)

Sara Lazar’s recent study shows that meditation preserves grey matter in older adults. Her first study is often misquoted outside the scientific community.

Non-Attachment Culture in Research (05:14)

Attachment is not wrong but it is the source of suffering. Researchers may overstate the benefits of meditation due to their own agenda.

Measuring Results (02:41)

Self-reported evidence of meditation may contradict data collected from brain scans. Interpreting brain imaging for average meditators is challenging.

Compassion Study (03:27)

Compassion practitioners experience improved heart rate variability. Meditation research yields different results between male and female brains.

Distinguishing Between Metta and Attachment (04:45)

The Buddha taught loving-kindness as an antidote to fear and anger. Greed is managed by feelings of gratitude, discernment, and understanding change.

Personal Practice (05:38)

Buddhist scientists studying meditation should include non-Buddhists in research studies to further objectivity. Sara Lazar does loving-kindness practice to improve social cohesion in her lab.

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In 2011, Harvard Medical College’s Sara Lazar demonstrated that a mere eight weeks of meditation can change brain structure. What advances in understanding the effects of meditation on the brain have been made since then? This conversation follows a short filmed portrait of Sharon Salzberg “On Meditation”, part of an on-going series first introduced during last year’s Brainwave. Sharon Salzberg, a teacher of meditation for more than 30 years, co-founded the Insight Meditation Society, the Forest Refuge, and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. Sharon’s work is based on the practices of mindfulness and metta, (loving kindness), the aim of which is to cultivate love and compassion both for ourselves and for others.

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