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Building the Green School (03:04)


John Hardy, Aldo Landwehr, and the IBUKU agency designed the "Heart of the School." John and Cynthia Hardy bought land that spanned across the Ayung River. The school now teaches over 300 students.(Credits)

Bamboo Construction (05:25)

Simón Vélez and Vo Trong Nghia use "vegetable steel" to construct buildings. Tour the "Heart of the School;" the playroom provides natural ventilation and utilized in different ways throughout the day. The upper floors house a computer room, administration offices, library, and classrooms.

Design: "Heart of School" (07:57)

Learn how the architect designed the building for optimal flow. A concrete foundation echoes the forms. Bamboo stands hold up a heavy roof made with traditional methods.

Foundation and Roof: "Heart of School" (05:38)

A slab serves as the foundation. Engineers poured concrete into the bamboo stands to reinforce the ceiling. 140 stones on the floor reflect the roof's design, which is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's helicopter.

Green School's Philosophy (02:56)

Hardy describes how the architecture encourages and inspires his students. The model of the building, the edifice itself, the scaffolding, and the furniture were all fabricated in bamboo. Since the building was constructed the plants have grown back completely.

Credits: Green School in Bali: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:29)

Credits: Green School in Bali: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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Deep in the Balinese jungle nestle 40 buildings of varying sizes - the bamboo campus of Green School Bali, founded by Americans John and Cynthia Hardy. The three-story main building, known as the Heart of the School, houses classrooms, offices, the school library and a huge playground. Made entirely of bamboo - no concrete, metal or glass has been used in the building framework, floors and ceilings, walls, tables and chairs - it an inspirational example of eco-friendly architecture.

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