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Mediacité (03:48)


Ron Arad conceived the shopping mall in Liege, Belgium. He believes that function and form must work together to create a piece of art. Shopping malls are considered out of date, yet people still flock to them.

History of Mediacité (02:43)

A developer asked Arad to design Mediacité. During the 1970s, Liege went into economic recession after the steel mills shut down. Wilhelm & Co. wanted to create a unique cultural spot on the Meuse River, incorporating sports, leisure activities, and a multimedia center.

Location Issues (04:57)

After purchasing the shopping center, Wilhelm & Co. hired Jaspers and Eyres to design a cultural metropolis. Shopping malls rose to prominence during the 1950s. Learn how the architects re-designed the space over the years.

Consumer Driven Design (03:23)

Jaspers and Eyres designed the mall to have three entrances and exits, added parking spaces, and incorporated escalators that only moved in one direction. In 2007, Liege decided it needed a unique design. Arad describes why he was interested in participating in the project.

New Mall Design (03:01)

Movement inspired Arad's design. Happold used computer software normally used in the aeronautics industry to create the design. The roof pieces needed to be assembled in a warehouse, tested for safety, then disassembled, transported, and reassembled at the site. Arad designed an eel's head on one side of Mediacité and a fishtail at the other.

Design Angles (04:32)

Inspired by Parisian shopping alleys, Arad designed Mediacité to incorporate outdoor light in gentle curves. The architecture steers the flow of customers. The roof weighs the equivalent of 30 elephants and uses plastic cushions instead of glass.

Mediacité Complete (02:56)

Controversy occurred when mall designers and architects wanted to have Mediacité cross above the street. Developers compromised with the public and agreed to leave a passageway open 24 hours a day. Arad contributed art, design, and architecture to the shopping mall.

Credits: Mediacité: Architectures— Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:27)

Credits: Mediacité: Architectures— Achievements in Modern Architecture

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Mediacité: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture

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From the sky, it resembles a serpent, a whale, a bulging vein or a river. From inside, it looks like a huge stained-glass window. Dreamed up by the experimental, provocative Israeli designer Ron Arad, whose playful furniture designs featuring rounded, sculptural shapes have made him world famous, this startling construction swells, curves and winds its way through Médiacité, Liège's gigantic shopping center, for over 350 meters. It is a covered mall - the main artery of a huge shopping centre built in 2009 to regenerate an abandoned industrial estate. At Médiacité, Arad has set out to conquer architecture, putting his ideas into practice on a bigger scale and reinvigorating the often criticised genre of retail architecture.

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