Segments in this Video

Food is Love (12:18)


Mike Simmons explores the idea that food is love with Jan Gray, a counselor focusing on food related issues.

Realistic Goal Setting (12:05)

Gray explains the importance of realistic goal setting when losing weight. An unrealistic goal can lead to failure and loss of motivation.

Comfort Eating (07:39)

Gray explains the mindset behind comfort eating. Dieting is about learning to restrict yourself, not about learning to lose weight.

Ineffective Dieting (11:15)

Gray explains the client's previous relationship with dieting and her lack of success. Gray provides the structure for the counseling sessions.

Counseling Session: One (45:40)

Watch as Gray conducts the first counseling session with Elaine Davies. The issues of dieting and using food for comfort are covered and Gray suggests maintaining a food diary.

Counseling Session: Two (51:19)

Gray and Davies cover the thought record Davies has kept since the past session. Gray analyzes whether Davies has put her children above her health.

Counseling Session: Three (48:39)

Davies explains the progress she has made with weight management and factors that are slowing her progress.

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Thought for Food

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This video with psychologists Jan Gray and Elaine Davies consists of three full-length counseling sessions and a studio discussion on the topic of weight management. In the studio discussion, Mike Simmons talks to Jan about the way in which she works.

Length: 189 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64198-209-2

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