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The Client, the Counselor, and the Unsuitable Friend: Introduction (05:03)


Michael Simmons counsels a colleague at the University of South Wales Newport. Questions to keep in mind during the session include: what do you think are the most significant therapeutic interventions, what are the least helpful ones, how do you think the session needed to progress, and what else could be said? The Egan "skilled helper" model contains three parts: the current scenario, the preferred scenario, and action strategies.

Session: Beginning (05:14)

A client wants to stop smoking. She acknowledges each time she attempts to quit, it becomes harder; she fears quitting and realizes this needs to be the last time. Cigarettes are a comfort.

Session: Objects (03:45)

The client realizes she substituted objects as a source of comfort. Simmons empathizes with her. The client did not carry a teddy bear all the time, but cigarettes are a constant presence.

Session: Employing Strategies (04:43)

The client decides to employ several coping strategies including the nicotine patch and counseling sessions; she fears contracting cancer if she quits after she turns 40. Simmons asks leading questions.

Session: Risking Your Life (03:44)

Simmons wonders if the client understands the risks of daily smoking. The client confesses she ignores potential ramifications.

Session: Coping Skills (04:05)

The client worries about not smoking first thing in the morning and after arriving home. Simmons points out how many of her activities include a cigarette. The client thinks weaving a tapestry might help keep her hands busy and break the association between smoking and activities.

Session: Going Back (05:16)

The client wants to succeed at quitting, does not want to return to smoking, and worries about failing. Simmons feels she may want him to push her into quitting. The client accepts she needs to quit tobacco alone.

Session: Beginning: With Commentary (09:18)

Simmons began the session by telling the client how long the session will last. The client liked the portions where she acknowledged past attempts and described her fear, but felt disapproval when Simmons said cigarettes were killing her.

Session: Objects: With Commentary (07:44)

The client felt the portion of the discussion comparing cigarettes to her teddy bear was insightful. After watching the tape, Simmons discovered the term "unsuitable friend" did not fit and began to empathize after discussing her cigarette habit. The pair discusses how Simmons could have improved the section about making the video.

Session: Employing Strategies: With Commentary (05:43)

The client made a series of videos with the counseling team. Simmons appreciated her opening up about her fears about cancer and felt the image of Russian roulette worked at this stage.

Session: Risking Your Life—With Commentary (04:58)

Simmons feels that the session is moving from discussing loss to self-harm. The client would have liked further extrapolation on loss. The pair discusses the silence that occurred.

The Session: Coping Skills—With Commentary (04:52)

Simmons wonders if he jumped too quickly into action strategies in this section and expresses his dismay in incorporating the unsuitable friend. The client agreed the metaphor seemed incongruous, but did not mind it as much because everything else made sense.

Session: Going Back—With Commentary (07:11)

The client appreciated that Simmons explained there were five minutes left in the session and felt terrified that she would need to quit smoking alone. The pair discusses the conclusion of the therapy.

Therapeutic Relationship (02:04)

Simmons felt he established a rapport with his client and provided a good basis for further sessions. The client acknowledged several feelings off-camera and monitored herself during the recording.

Credits: The Client, the Counselor, and the Unsuitable Friend (02:15)

Credits: The Client, the Counselor, and the Unsuitable Friend

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This video was recorded in three separate sessions. In the first, a client and counselor simply took part in a 30-minute unscripted counseling roleplay in a video studio. In the second, they returned to the studio and watched the tape that they had made, recording their comments on the work they had done. The third session was recorded as a result of feedback from professionals in the field and involved the counselor in recording further reflections on the way in which he had worked, the way in which he perceived the session, and in making suggestions about the way in which the session recording might be used.

Length: 77 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2009

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