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Muslims in America (04:19)


Afghanistan was a growing and thriving community until the Soviet Union invaded it in 1978. Today, it is one of the poorest countries on Earth. The Ebadi and Babak families escaped to Pakistan and eventually relocated to the United States. (Credits)

Escaping from Afghanistan (04:45)

Huma Ebadi's family was caught by Russian soldiers trying to escape to Pakistan and helped by a local bus driver. Disguised as local villagers, they walked to the Pakistan border pretending to be attending a wedding.

Arranged Marriages (03:42)

Huma and Jamshid Ebadi met at a mutual friend's wedding and their families visited each other. In Afghan culture, there is no courtship period. The pair communicated for four to five weeks before the wedding.

Five Pillars of Islam (03:58)

The fundamental pillars include a statement of faith, fasting during Ramadan, giving to charity, a pilgrimage to Mecca for the Hajj, and five daily prayers. Huma explains that the Quran teaches about preserving life; extremists are not Muslim.

Become a Member of the Community (05:46)

Ebadi encourages other Muslims to meet non-Muslims. Imam Shems Adeen Ben Masaud describes how the members of his mosque are becoming increasingly diverse. The Ebadi children share their dreams for the future and discuss their religion at school.

Credits: An Afghan American Family Story (00:29)

Credits: An Afghan American Family Story

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An Afghan American Family Story

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Jamshid and Huma Ebadi both came to the United States as young children with their families from Afghanistan under harrowing circumstances. As adults, with a young family of their own, they now live in a suburb of Denver, CO. Hear their stories of love, compassion, and of hope.

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