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Be Fruitful and Multiply... (03:13)


Rabbi Felicia Sol imagined herself with a family. Having a large family was a high priority for Rabbi Julie Greenberg. Rabbi Lisa Gelber always assumed she would marry and have children. Basya Shechter grew up believing in the commandment to procreate.

God has Bestowed on Each of Us Special Skills and Vocations... (05:05)

It did not occur to Sol that she could become a rabbi until she was older. All of Gelber's role models were men. She had a pulpit for six years before starting a unit of clinical pastoral education. Greenberg discovered Judaism as a young adult. Shechter is a musical director and performer.

They Say True Love Hides Behind Every Corner... (04:04)

Sol thought she would be married by age 25 and began questioning her life in her 30s. Shechter's male friends say their gender has commitment issues. Gelber looked for the right partner for a long time.

My Parents Raised Me to Never Ask People about Their Reproductive Plans... (05:53)

Sol mourned letting go of marriage plans and began considering single motherhood at age 35. Shechter eventually came to the conclusion that she could not depend on finding a husband to have children and started fertility treatments. On her birthday, Gelber decided she wanted to have a baby.

If You Want a Rainbow, You Must Go Through the Rain (05:50)

Gelber felt the need to have a baby and began seeing a doctor. Her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage; she later began IVF treatments. Visiting a fertility clinic was a practical experience for Sol. Shechter struggled with the results of her fertility tests, but began IVF.

One is a Mother in Order to Understand the Inexplicable... (05:24)

Sol became pregnant after the fourth try and gave birth to a baby boy; she decided to have a second child. Greenberg stared a family while in rabbinical school; she struggled to find a job and decided to start the Jewish Renewal Life Center.

One is a Mother in Order to Understand the Inexplicable...Adoption (07:30)

Gelber decided to adopt from Ethiopia and found herself singing again. Greenberg had three children with two donors and adopted two children from Guatemala. Shechter struggles to let go of her dream family and become open to what is possible; she visited an adoption lawyer.

There is Only One Pretty Child in the World... (04:30)

Greenberg describes herself as a passionate mother. Sol feels she is where she is supposed to be in life. Gelber describes her relationship with her daughter. Shechter loves caring for her nieces and nephew; they have a close bond.

Do What You Feel in Your Heart to be Right... (08:45)

Sol reflects on being a powerful woman; there is a prejudice around women being rabbis. Sol's community is supportive. Gelber was fearful that becoming a single mother would not be well received.

The Very Least You Can Do for Your Life is Figure Out What You Hope for... (04:59)

Greenberg is happy to have created a family in a way that worked for her. Gelber finds that being a mother and rabbi is the best thing for her. Shechter is ready to have a family. Sol reflects on the impact of a rabbi struggling to become a parent.

Credits: All of the Above: Single, Clergy, Mother (01:01)

Credits: All of the Above: Single, Clergy, Mother

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All Of The Above chronicles the journeys that four single female rabbis/cantors take to create their families. The film is an emotionally resonant exploration of two competing desires: to start a family, even without a partner; and to serve God and community as a clergywoman.

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