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Beauty of Their Dreams: Introduction (13:55)


Educating women creates economic growth, improves well-being, and increases life spans. The Knights of Columbus support a school created by Father Paul O. Gaggawala that educates and houses young girls in rural Uganda. Students share their history prior to enrolling and their dreams and aspirations.

Islamic Principles (04:11)

Azizah Al-Hibri Karamah explains that the Muslim world believes in education for women and runs "Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights." Afia's cousins beat her up and threatened to kill her after she graduated high school. At the Tahirih Justice Center, Layli Miller-Muro helps young immigrant women pursue learning in the United States.

Educating Muslim Women (05:35)

Youssr Attia attended a dual enrollment program between Bridgewater University and Al-Noor Academy. Jamil Abdullah helped her apply to Northeastern University through the Boston's Young Muslims Engaging (BY ME) program. In her free time, she studies Krav Maga and volunteers at Boston Community Development.

Baha'i Faith (06:22)

Baha'i principles inspired the Tahirih Justice Center. The Holy Scripture dictates that female education take priority over males. Rainn Wilson and Holly Reinhorn created Lidé Haiti, a program that empowers adolescent girls through art.

Building a Community (05:18)

Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin founded the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda, modeled on the Yemin Orde; they wanted to reach the orphan population. Lori Toll Franz reflects on the education of women; 60% of students are female.

Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (06:45)

To live in the village, a student must be an orphan and in financial constraints; it is a holistic community. Students learn the phrase tikkun olam as part of their healing. At the village's open house, students sang to their deceased parents about finding a new family.

Empowerment and Education (12:37)

After meeting Richard Kanaga, eleven-year-old Jessica Markowitz created Richard's Rwanda, a charitable foundation that pays for women in Nyamata to attend primary school; her parents instilled a strong sense of Tikkun Olam. Impuhwe stands for Inspire Motivate Powerful Undiscovered Hopeful Women with Education and also means compassion in Kinyarwanda.

Religious Outreach (01:39)

Philanthropists describe the importance of religious faiths working together to empower and educate the world.

Credits: Beauty of Their Dreams (01:01)

Credits: Beauty of Their Dreams

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GIRLS + EDUCATION = increased economic growth, improved well being of women, and extended life span. This one-hour documentary demonstrates how people of faith can positively impact the problem of educational gender disparity.

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