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Sylvia Plath, Adolescent Poet (03:04)


The First Poetry Quartet will perform Plath's poems and dramatize excerpts from her letters. In 1945, Plath receives commendations from her teacher. She enters Smith College on a scholarship.

Smith College, 1950 (03:37)

Plath experiments with her use of words and poetry styles while at college. Unconcerned with publishing, she focuses on the evolutionary process of her writing.

Plath Analyzes Her Poetry (03:46)

Though she begins to receive acclaim and awards, still she maintains objectivity in her art. Plath wins a Fulbright scholarship to Cambridge in 1956.

Plath Marries Ted Hughes, 1956 (03:49)

Plath meets Ted Hughes, another poet at Cambridge, and they marry that year. Her poetry becomes braver as she strives for her authentic voice.

Plath and Hughes Separate, 1962 (05:27)

After the birth of two children, Sylvia and Ted separate. Sylvia is energized by the new freedom, producing a poem per day. Hear from "The Tour," and "The Applicant."

Depression Overtakes Plath, 1963 (01:04)

A year after the breakup of her marriage, Plath's writing reveals a joyless outlook. Her poetry speaks of distance from her children, anger at her husband, and withdrawal from life.

Sylvia Plath 1932 - 1963 (07:26)

Plath's last poem, "Edge", paints the image of a woman and two children in death. Plath takes her life on February 11, 1963.

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Through 13 of Plath's poems and excerpts from her letters, the members of The First Poetry Quartet trace the development of this gifted young American poet, who ended her life in 1963 at the age of 30.

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