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Borderland: Episode 3 Recap (02:44)


Review what the three teams experienced on the migrant trail while learning about immigrants who died in the Sonoran Desert.

Culiacan, Sinaloa (02:03)

The Sinaloa Cartel controls much of the U.S. Mexico border. Up to 20,000 migrants are kidnapped for ransom every year.

Jesús Malverde (02:18)

Aspiring immigrants visit the shrine of Jesús Malverde to ask for safe passage to the U.S. Local journalist Miguel Vega explains what narcos that visit ask for.

Altar, Sonora (03:47)

The group arrives at the last stop for migrants before the U.S. border. Dr. Gregory Hess tells the six that they will be taking the same route as the deceased migrants they have been learning about.

Immigration Fueled Economy (02:36)

Altar is controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel. The group is only safe because of the town's local priest. He helps them prepare for the trip across the border.

Dangers to Migrants (03:04)

The women visit a pharmacy in Altar where migrant women go to get a birth control shot so they will not get pregnant if they are raped on their journey. Red dots on a map represent where immigrants die while crossing the border.

Dangers Facing Immigrants (02:11)

The group mentally prepares for the final leg of the immigration journey. A guide meets them near the border in the Sonoran Desert. He provides tips for staying safe and not getting caught.

Unprepared for Border Crossing (02:58)

The group is hiking close to where Zelaya, Lopez, and Sanchez died. The number of successful crossings has been reduced by the government policy to funnel immigrants into the Sonoran Desert. Death rates are up.

Larsen Reflects on the Journey (02:42)

The group comes to a frequently used resting spot. Coyotes do not wait for immigrants that cannot keep up. Larsen and Melder speculated about Lopez's last days.

Stufflebeam Reflects on the Journey (02:12)

The group comes across a supply drop left by No More Death. Stufflebeam explains how his views on immigration have changed.

Melder Reflects on the Journey (03:16)

The group decides to camp overnight to avoid danger. Melder imagines what it was like for Lopez to die from the elements in the Sonoran Desert.

Seel Reflects on the Journey (03:57)

The group talks about what it felt like to experience below freezing temperatures overnight in the Sonoran Desert. Seel gets emotional talking about Zelaya who died in the desert.

Making Hard Decisions (03:46)

The group begins its second day hiking through the Sonoran Desert. Stufflebeam helps Holland when she struggles to breathe and falls behind.

Potential Fatality (02:43)

The guide points out that a coyote would not slow down to help someone who cannot keep up. The group decides to leave Holland behind in the Sonoran Desert.

Holland Reflects on the Journey (02:02)

After giving up while hiking through the Sonoran Desert, Holland explains why her feelings have hardened after experiencing what migrants go through.

Alvarado Reflects on the Journey (02:55)

Alvarado describes what she has learned during this experience. A Pima County medical examiner picks up the group after two days in the Sonoran Desert.

Next Time on Borderland... (00:44)

See a preview of the next episode. The group has a panel style discussion to argue their opposing viewpoints on immigration.

Credits: Borderland: Episode 4 (00:38)

Credits: Borderland: Episode 4

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The six Americans prepare for the final leg of their journey. In Culiacan, seat of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel, they join migrants praying to the bandit saint Jesus Malverde for safe passage. They later trek to the notorious border town of Altar where medical examiner Dr Hess informs them they will next hike the desert. Altar is where "their" migrants – Omar, Maira and Claudeth – were last seen. ‘We are walking into the valley of death,’ says one flustered American. Altar’s local priest helps the group navigate the shops that cater to passing migrants. They stock up and then start the dreaded desert border run. With the day sweltering hot and night temperatures dropping below zero, how long can they last?

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