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Borderland: Episode 2 Recap (02:00)


Review what the three teams experienced on the migrant trail while learning about immigrants who died in the Sonoran Desert.

Arriaga Railyard (03:13)

Alison Melder, Lis-Marie Alvarado, Gary Larsen, Kishana Holland, Randy Stufflebeam, and Alex Seel reunite in Mexico. They discuss what they experienced while learning about deceased migrants.

"The Beast" (02:28)

Migrants illegally climb aboard cargo trains in Arriaga, risking their lives to pursue the American Dream. Guatemalans say it is most difficult for those from El Salvador or Honduras.

Minor Migrants (02:56)

In 2012, over 25,000 unaccompanied children were apprehended by border patrol. Melder and Larsen talk to a boy from El Salvador who is heading to the U.S. to meet up with his mother.

Risk of Sexual Assault (03:02)

Migrants stake out spots on the train that will leave in the morning. Holland and Stufflebeam talk to a mother who is making the journey with her daughter.

Dawn in Arriaga (02:28)

Approximately 80% of people that ride "The Beast" will be assaulted; 60% of women will be sexually assaulted, and only 40% will reach their destination. The group discusses how hard life must be for migrants to take such risks.

Dangerous Journey (03:32)

The group rides on top of the train with hundreds of hopeful migrants heading to the U.S. Melder talks to a man who is returning after he was deported.

Cyclical Migrants (02:29)

Seel speaks with a man from Guatemala who has made the dangerous journey from Arriaga to the U.S. many times.

"Death Train" Stories (02:40)

Alvarado speaks with a man who has attempted to migrate to the U.S. several times. A 27-year-old man talks about the violence he has seen on the train.

Migrating With Children (02:11)

Holland and Larsen share their feelings about seeing families on the "death train." Stufflebeam is angry at the system that created the dangerous situation.

Ixtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico (03:04)

The group is at a secure location 1,800 miles from the Arizona border. It is part of a large network of shelters. The group helps prepare food and register new arrivals.

Mass Fatality (02:39)

Pima County Medical Examiner Dr. Gregory Hess uses registration records to identify deceased migrants. The Missing Migrant Project uses DNA to make identifications.

Feelings about Migrants (03:02)

Holland notes that this experience has humanized migrants for her. Melder is feeling emotionally distraught by what she has seen.

Military Expedition (03:44)

The group travels from Ixtepec to Sinaloa and accompanies soldiers deep into the region, which is controlled by a powerful drug cartel.

Sinaloa Cartel Revenue (04:56)

Half of the drugs Americans buy enter the country through Mexico. The group helps Mexican soldiers destroy marijuana plants.

On the Next Borderland... (00:49)

See a preview of the next episode. Drug traffickers control the routes that migrants follow. The group will cross the most dangerous part of their trip.

Credits: Borderland: Episode 3 (00:37)

Credits: Borderland: Episode 3

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In gang controlled Arriaga, Southern Mexico, the six have an emotional reunion before climbing onto a train known as "La Bestia," or "The Beast." Every day, this cargo train is used by hundreds of migrants to make their way north. As the six discover, it is a perilous way to travel north. They learn about gangs hacking migrants in half for refusing to pay bribes or ransoms, they hear about the thousands who have died falling from the train and come to appreciate that the American Dream can come at a huge cost. In Sinaloa, northern Mexico, the six join the military on a drug eradication burn, part of the Mexican government’s attempt to battle the cartels who control the now intersecting drug and migrant routes…

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