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Unusual Phenomena in Nature (04:24)


President Donald Trump decided to leave the Paris Climate Accord. Great White sharks altered their migration patterns and now spend the winters off of Long Beach instead of traveling to Mexico.

The Great Barrier Reef (07:24)

25% of all fish depend on coral for sustenance. 50% of the coral in the Great Barrier Reef have died in the past 18 months due to coral bleaching. Kerryn Bell, Scott Heron, and Guttman travel around Mission Beach to witness the devastation.

Glimmer of Hope (05:25)

Ruth Gates grows coral that can thrive during climate change off of Hawaii. Guttman examines her "super coral." Gates hopes that it can grow from the Great Barrier Reef to the Caribbean ocean.

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On this edition of Nightline Matt Guttman will examine environmental issues including unusual phenomena caused by global warming.

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