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Video Game Designer: Main Duties and Responsibilities (01:02)


Dilan Alpay is the lead game designer at Skyless Game Studios. His main job is to write code and art and supervise others.

Video Game Designer: Career Beginnings (00:53)

Alpay has always been interested in art and computer applications. He attended Drexel and studied computer science with a concentration in game design.

Video Game Designer: Keys for Success (00:60)

Alpay says making video games combines the hardest parts of making movies and being a programmer. He attributes his success to luck, determination, and patience.

Video Game Designer: Education and Certification Requirements (01:43)

Getting a degree in game art and design is the best pathway to becoming a video game designer. It is important to work on designing games outside of your job to stay current on the industry.

Video Game Designer: Workplace Atmosphere (01:03)

Independent games studios typically have relaxed atmospheres. There is no travel involved, but hours are long.

Video Game Designer: Advice for Aspiring Pros (01:06)

Any form of game design is sufficient to show your ability and work ethic. Alpay still uses Microsoft Pain to make his art. You should know the developers that make your favorite games.

Video Game Designer: Day on the Job (02:09)

Alpay uses an Agile system to manage his projects. Communication with management and coworkers is important. Games change over the beta, alpha, and gold stages.

Video Game Designer: Industry Goals and Services (02:04)

Game designers want to make games that people will enjoy and talk about. Skyless Game Studios operates on a client based system. Games can be helpful, educational, and fun.

Video Game Designer: Industry Challenges (01:13)

Alpay says it can be hard to give customers what they want when they do not know what they want. There is a stigma that games are frivolous.

Video Game Designer: Looking at the Future (02:18)

Alpay expects a surge in independent game makers. He predicts that making video games will become as accessible as starting a business.

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