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Middle East Peace Negotiation Breakdown (04:57)


Menachem Begin has criticized Anwar Sadat for withdrawing from peace talks. He refuses to send a delegation to Cairo unless the Egyptian president and press stop vilifying the Jewish people. He wants to revive both political and military negotiations.

Attempts to Discredit Israel (02:13)

Begin does not know whether Sadat or the Egyptian Propaganda Ministry ordered the use of insults against Jewish people. He says Egypt has threatened to repeat the Yom Kippur War.

Deteriorating Relations (03:17)

Begin explains that negotiations with Sadat declined when the Egyptian president insulted him in an interview. Sadat expressed concerns that Israel will lull Egypt into a false sense of security in the Sinai Peninsula. Begin says he wants peace with Egypt.

Egyptian Leadership (02:23)

Begin believes the Egyptian Foreign Office influences Sadat's judicial decisions; Sadat is not interested in policy details.

Sinai Peninsula Negotiations (03:27)

Sadat promised Begin the Egyptian Army would not cross the Gidi and Mitla passes but Egypt's later plan decreased the demilitarized zone by 150 kilometers. Begin does not know why Sadat changed his mind.

Media Miscommunication (01:53)

Begin explains that the Egyptian press said he misled Sadat about Israeli settlements in the Sinai Peninsula. However, he and Sadat had agreed to disagree on this issue and continue friendly negotiations.

Jerusalem Controversy (02:34)

Begin was taken by surprise by the Egyptian delegation's withdrawal from negotiations in Jerusalem. He speculates that Arab nations opposed to the talks pressured Sadat to remove the delegation as a tactical step to avoid recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Recognizing Israel (05:52)

Sadat considers recognizing Israel's right to exist a major concession in the peace negotiations. Begin cannot accept this; of course Israel is a recognized, sovereign nation. He believes public opinion will favor his view, and argues that a Palestinian state would destroy Israel.

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In this 1978 interview, Menacham Begin discusses the breakdown of Middle East peace talks.

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