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2004 Presidential Campaign (03:23)


Former president Bill Clinton approves of Senator John Kerry's selection of Senator John Edwards as a running mate. He is not concerned about Edwards' lack of foreign policy experience. His wife was not approached to run.

"My Life" (04:12)

Clinton has been surprised by the positive reader response to his memoir; many people have mentioned the Family Leave Law and education aid. He discusses critical reviews and his weariness about the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Monica Lewinsky Affair (06:31)

Clinton confirms that his reference to the affair as nonexistent in the present tense in an earlier interview with Jim Lehrer was an intentional dodge to buy time until the media frenzy subsided. He discusses how Starr's impeachment campaign was politically and constitutionally unfounded.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (05:02)

Clinton discusses flaws in the 1993 Oslo Accord and the 2000 Camp David Summit negotiations between Israel and Palestine. He argues that solving the conflict would decrease terrorist rhetoric, improve Israel's security, and improve ties to the Islamic world.

Bush Administration's Foreign Policy (04:38)

Clinton discusses attempts to create a more integrated, cooperative world community during his post-Cold War term. He contrasts this with Bush's stand-alone approach, citing international organizations and treaties the U.S. has resigned from. The 2004 campaign should address both domestic and foreign issues.

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 In this 2004 interview, former president Bill Clinton discusses his autobiography "My Life" and reflects on the Monica Lewinsky affair, the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the Bush Administration's foreign policy, and the 2004 presidential campaign.

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