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Margaret Thatcher Introduction (01:33)


Robert MacNeil outlines recent talks between Britain's Prime Minister and President Reagan. Thatcher plans to make a second, unscheduled visit to the White House to thank Reagan for his hospitality.

El Salvador War (05:07)

Thatcher agrees that the Soviet bloc is supplying arms to leftist guerrillas. She hopes to stop this interference so that the people of El Salvador can determine their own future.

Stopping the Arms Flow to El Salvador (02:20)

Thatcher cannot say whether Britain would support U.S. military action to stop Cuba from supplying weapons to leftist guerrillas. She says politicians must take one step at a time; answers based on speculation can create unwanted situations.

Soviet Summit Meeting (03:38)

Thatcher would have considered President Brezhnev's invitation to talks, had the Soviet Union withdrawn forces from Afghanistan. She is wary of Soviet peace overtures without disarmament.

Danger of Soviet Military Intervention (03:41)

Thatcher discusses the new movement in Poland challenging the Soviet Union's model of total central control. She believes that the Polish people must be allowed self-determination; if Moscow intervenes, it will decrease chances of detente.

Israel and Palestine (04:32)

Lehrer says Lord Carrington has been advocating for the U.S. to allow the PLO a greater role. Thatcher argues that Israel and Palestine have a right to self-determination; Western nations can help to identify practical solutions.

Neutron Bomb (02:37)

Thatcher says the anti-tank weapon is erroneously named as a bomb and is not yet being produced. It would protect against Soviet armored conventional weapons on the European border.

British Economic Policies (03:12)

Thatcher addresses Western unemployment and the global recession caused by increased oil prices, and compares U.S. and British economic situations. Over-manning, annual wage increases, and strong unions made British industries uncompetitive.

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Prime Minister Thatcher was interviewed following two days of meetings in Washington with the newly inaugurated President Ronald Reagan. She discusses the war in El Salvador, the prospects for a Reagan-Brezhnev summit, the nascent democracy movement in Poland and what Western nations can do, Israeli/Palestinian relations, the possibility of deployment of the neutron bomb in Europe, and world economic problems.

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