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Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (02:28)


The Shah of Iran believes the people demonstrating against him during his U.S. visit are Marxists and anarchists. He is unaware of reports that the Iranian government organized counter demonstrators.

Tumultuous Visit to the U.S. (04:33)

The Shah says that Williamsburg demonstrators may be Iranian, but they are Marxists and anarchists. The 2,200 political prisoners in Iran are Marxist terrorists. He says that demonstrating is allowed in Iran, but communism and criticizing the monarchy are illegal.

Purchasing Weapons from the U.S. (03:31)

The Shah says that Iran has defense needs as a sovereign nation. He is wary of neighboring Middle East nations that could be manipulated by outside powers. Although Iran settled problems with Iraq, Iraq has a sophisticated military.

Arms Race (02:50)

The Shah believes Jimmy Carter understands the importance of Iran maintaining stability in the Persian Gulf. He would feel less inclined to increase defenses if the U.S. and Soviet Union would sign the SALT-II agreement.

Bilateral Agreement (04:10)

The Shah seeks to purchase AWAC and F-16s planes to defend Iran's borders. He says that American military personnel are not needed to operate the aircraft, and the U.S. is only bound to aid Iran if attacked by a communist nation.

Oil Prices (03:16)

The Shah says that Iran will be a spectator at an upcoming OPEC meeting determining oil price increases. He agrees with Carter's opinion that the U.S. is held hostage by Middle East oil, and urges the West to find new energy sources.

Human Rights (03:01)

The Shah would welcome a discussion with Carter on human rights in Iran. Despite accusations that the secret police use torture, the Shah says torture has been banned, prisoners are entitled to civilian lawyers, and political dissidents are not executed.

Improving Living Standards (02:23)

Iran is not directly involved in the Middle East peace process but the Shah is optimistic about Arab-Israeli relations. He made public education free through secondary school and the per capita income has increased.

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