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Justice Powell's Retirement (05:06)


Nina Totenberg was surprised by Lewis F. Powell, Jr.'s unexpected retirement, in good health and at age 80. Powell has been a moderate conservative and a critical deciding vote. She discusses his opinion on the Bakke Case on affirmative action.

Appointing Powell's Successor (05:03)

Paul Simon, D-Illinois discusses Powell's moderating abilities. He hopes President Reagan will consult the Senate and appoint a justice sensitive to civil liberties and equal justice. He urges Reagan to make a bipartisan decision.

Conservative Nominees (06:03)

Bruce Fein discusses Powell's centrist role in civil rights decisions and Reagan’s chance to implement a conservative social agenda by nominating a successor with similar values. Possible candidates include Thomas Sowell, Orrin Hatch, Robert Bork, Roger Miner, and Cliff Wallace.

An Empathetic Justice (04:42)

Professor Dick Howard expresses surprise at Powell's resignation; he speculates that Powell decided to leave before a presidential campaign year. He discusses Powell's compassion, open mindedness for social issues, and lack of agenda.

Senate Confirmation Role (03:20)

Totenberg says it is unusual for a justice not to notify the president immediately of their resignation. Fein argues that Reagan is not obligated to consult the Senate before nominating Powell's successor.

Political Considerations (04:24)

Howard and Totenberg disagree whether Antonin Scalia's confirmation was overpowered by William Rehnquist's controversial nomination. Fein argues that nominees for Powell's successor may incite a Senate "bloodbath." Simon will fight nominees insensitive to civil rights or liberties.

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In this 1987 interview, Nina Totenberg, Senator Paul Simon, and Professors Bruce Fein and Dick Howard analyze Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.'s sudden retirement and discuss possible successors to the Supreme Court.

Length: 29 minutes

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