Segments in this Video

Bronx Childhood (01:51)


Arnie Zane shares how his Brazilian and Lithuanian parents inspired him to pursue the American Dream.

Career Beginnings (02:21)

Originally a photographer, Zane started dancing at 25 while collaborating with Bill T. Jones and Lois Welk. He discusses the challenges of formal dance training.

Commitment to New Ideas (02:25)

Zane explains his anti-classical ballet stance. His athleticism contributed to starting dance late. He brings organization and a visual arts perspective to his collaboration with Bill T. Jones.

Meeting Bill T. Jones (03:38)

Zane explains how he became involved with his partner and reflects on their relationship, including learning to respect their differences.

Inspired to Dance (03:43)

Zane discusses how creating dance with Jones has strengthened their relationship. He initially began dancing to share the experience with Jones, and transferred his artistic ideas to the medium. He now manages the business side of their company

Creating a Dance Company (04:32)

Zane talks about his interracial relationship with Jones and their commitment to start a racially diverse organization. They encourage individuality among their dancers and try to retain postmodern artistic values while making their work accessible to audiences.

AIDS Diagnosis (05:46)

Zane reflects on the roller coaster of emotions he has experienced with the illness. He takes each day as it comes, struggles with the disease's finality, and refuses to give up dancing or choreography.

Living with AIDS (04:43)

Zane discusses the impact of AIDS on the New York art world and calls for better services and social support for HIV positive people. Sharing his condition helps him to process it emotionally.

Beyond the Art World (04:44)

Zane admits that artistic gay men are disproportionately affected by AIDS, but advocates extending healthcare and social services to patients worldwide.

AIDS Epidemic (03:05)

Zane's diagnosis has inspired him to live a full life. He calls on political leaders to make a greater effort to combat the illness that he compares to genocide.

Thoughts on Dying (05:41)

Zane ignores media descriptions of AIDS as a terminal illness, but wants to use his remaining time wisely. He reflects on learning to accept help from others, and growing closer to his family.

Silence is Death (03:05)

Zane agreed to do the interview to raise awareness and spread his message to political leaders. He calls for greater services for AIDS patients. He died on March 30, 1988, less than eight months after the interview.

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In July 1987, Joanna Simon of The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour interviewed Arnie Zane, co-founder of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. He spoke about his career as a dancer, his personal and professional relationship with Bill T. Jones, and his diagnosis with AIDS.

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