Segments in this Video

Finding a Counselor (05:01)


Maureen Moore welcomes participants. Mary interviewed several counselors and chose one she felt safe with. Participants discuss gravitating towards male or female counselors; some chose the first person they spoke to.

First Session (06:35)

Participants talk about getting to know their counselors. Some did not provide guidelines while others were more structured; some analyzed body language and emotional issues. Much of the therapeutic change happened between sessions.

Raising Self Awareness (02:55)

Participants agree that counselors helped them see themselves in a different light. One man expected Freudian analysis, but found an empathetic listener in his counselor and was able to establish a relationship with him.

Developing the Counseling Relationship (05:15)

One participant found it increasingly difficult to reveal himself to a counselor. Another mapped her life at the beginning and end of counseling. Sessions empowered participants to find answers and be honest with themselves.

Ending Counseling (03:12)

Participants discuss the decision to end sessions after having developed a close relationship with their counselors. They appreciated their counselor's empathy and found their support empowering.

Paying Someone to Listen (05:04)

Participants reflect on consulting a professional versus talking with a family member or friend. Counselors provide objective emotional nourishment and personal guidance. One man sees his counselor as an extension of his brain.

A Time and Space Just for Me (07:02)

Several participants feel they cannot share sensitive information with their families. Counselors provide unbiased confidentiality, empathetic listening, and empower clients to find their own solutions.

Professional Boundaries (03:10)

One participant wanted more of a two-way relationship with her counselor and had to learn to be in a different type of relationship. She sees the counseling space as a laboratory for self-exploration.

Self-Reflection through Discipline (05:06)

One participant learned organizing skills from her counselor. Another learned to accept feelings of discomfort about herself. Counselors provide a structured and safe environment for self-exploration.

Reflections on the Counseling Process (03:33)

Participants discuss applying lessons and skills learned in sessions to everyday situations. Learning self-respect changes your life.

Working with a Different Type of Person (03:23)

Participants reflect on developing a relationship with a counselor from a different personal background.

Criteria in Choosing Counselors (02:50)

Some participants wanted professionals with similar backgrounds, to better understand their situations. The main objective was to find someone who would listen and empower them.

Fostering Self-Care (03:50)

Moore asks participants about gaining self-respect and empowrement in counseling. This improved their relationships and enabled them to truly care for others.

Healing and Empowerment (04:39)

Participants discuss how counseling helped them have closure after losing a loved one, and let go of people that were taking advantage of them. Moore summarizes factors in the client-therapist relationship and concludes the discussion.

Credits: Experiencing Counseling (00:42)

Credits: Experiencing Counseling

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In this video, six people share their experiences that led them to seek counseling, discussing why they decided to go for counseling, how they selected a counselor, and how counseling is helping them. Psychotherapist Maureen Moore talks about counseling and explores some of the issues relating counseling.

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