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Creating Hope (03:26)


Jennifer Andrews requires her students to listen to Yvonne Dolan's audio tapes with adult survivors of sexual abuse. Today, Dolan's focus is on hope implicit behavior questions in patients who say they have no hope.

Giving an Example (03:41)

Dolan describes how a simple statement gave a woman's children the hope that they would live until tomorrow. She began to ask workers and families what their hope implicit behaviors were. Steve de Shazer influenced the therapist's study.

Keeping Going (04:20)

Karl Tomm would ask depressed people if they would like to meet their grandchildren; other hope implicit behaviors include coping questions. One of Dolan's clients thinks about what she wants to give future generations to avoid becoming depressed. A small act can give hope, like subscribing to a paper in an area the client wants to live.

Hope Implicit Behaviors (03:19)

Steve de Shazar believes the question creates the state necessary for the answer; Dolan thinks questions shift consciousness. If a person can describe or act on things that would be productive, they are in a pre-conditioned state of happiness or hope. In solution-focused therapy, if a person can visualize it, they can resource it to act upon it.

Question or Dialogue Create the State (02:20)

Matthias Varga von Kibed believes people should move in order to access another state. Dolan believes if people are scaling, moving would be helpful. The therapist is intrigued by how helpful asking someone what they need to do can be in helping instill a pre-condition for hope.

An Example (03:58)

Dolan was seated on an airplane next to a man whose wife and children were killed that day. By allowing him to explain and plan what preparations he needed to make, the man felt like he could struggle through it. Andrew describes how a community formed around the man.

Working with Amputees (05:03)

A man who lost both his arms described how he could only focus on what he needed to do to get through the day. One chooses whether to carry on or not and a roadmap helps prepare one to carry on. Philosophers, poets, pastors, and rabbis do not always describe hope accurately.

Mentioning Hope Can Be Disrespectful (03:13)

Dolan describes why a client may be insulted if a therapist mentions hope. Using the word "do" is one of the foundations for creating hope. Andrews works with geriatric patients on their mental faculties; she has realized that by making plans they keep their cognition.

Hope: A By-product of Action (03:32)

Only small actions are needed to create hope; Dolan calls it hope with a small "h". Jean, a woman in Andrew's geriatric support group, knits caps for children in the cancer wing. Dolan agrees doing something for others is a more effective way to create hope.

Community Helps (02:36)

When Dolan worked in a shelter for sexually abused teenagers, she would ask them to write a list of what they needed to do the next day in order for it to be worthwhile. It was the only way she could get them to sleep at night.

Credits: Yvonne Dolan: Conversations about Hope Create the Future (00:35)

Credits: Yvonne Dolan: Conversations about Hope Create the Future

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When we participate in conversations that reach into the future through questions about actions that can be taken because there is a future, we participate in co-creating the future for the person with whom we are speaking. In cases of catastrophe, crisis and loss when people are uncertain about the future, this kind conversation can generate hope. Rich examples of such conversations are offered and we feel hopeful as we participate in this event through our own listening.

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