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Triple Bottom Line Investing (04:44)


Teresa Radzinski is Managing Director of U.S. Trust Bank of America. This program will examine impact investing, intended to generate and promote socially responsible behavior, and positive financial returns. Calvert foundation collaborated with Pax World to create Domini Social 400; Henderson explains her background and the evolution of Impact investing.

Impact Investment Funds (04:14)

Data providers and assessment procedures help U.S. Trust Bank of America qualitatively analyze corporations for socially responsible investments. Radzinski works on several impact investment sleeves including environmental, religious voices, women, and girls that have outperformed the S & P 500. Henderson discusses how the youngest generation impacts foundations and corporations.

Risk Management (02:04)

Corporations are now assessing reputation risk because of social media. Ethical Markets launched the Green Transition Scoreboard to publish which companies are investing in green technologies.

Radzinski's Groups (02:13)

Radzinski recently met with the CFO of a Midwest college, whose students demanded that endowment investments be carbon-free. U.S. Bank trust provides quantitative proof of social and financial change at client meetings.

Impact Funds Going Mainstream (05:01)

The Rockefeller Foundation developed the Impact Investing model. Henderson wants to create criteria to prevent greenwashing. Radzinski evaluates corporations and describes the difference between impact investing and philanthropy.

Community vs. Third Party (04:42)

In "Theory of Moral Sentiments," Adam Smith examines the importance of cooperation in a community. Henderson describes how business schools only concentrate on "wealth of nations." Radzinski explains how her company evaluates green bonds.

Eliminating Fossil Fuels (03:25)

Ethical Markets produces lectures using podcasts to reduce carbon footprint. Henderson wants St. Augustine to include broadband internet, LED lighting, electronic vehicle chargers that are solar powered, and electrified mass transit. Radzinski loves helping individuals create impact fund portfolios.

Credits: The Future of Investing: Impact and Innovation (00:51)

Credits: The Future of Investing: Impact and Innovation

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The Future Of Investing: Impact and Innovation

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In this program Hazel Henderson explores with Teresa Radzinski, MBA, Managing Director, U. S.Trust-Bank of America Private Wealth Management, their special portfolios designed for ethical, responsible investors. These portfolio’s are geared to meet the values of investors who are concerned with social, environmental and governance issues, including gender equity, diversity, climate change and carbon-free goals. They discuss the 30 year evolution of these kinds of innovative portfolios now going mainstream under the new branding of “impact funds”. These are especially appealing to women and millennial investors.

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