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The Future of Investing: Women in Finance: Introduction (02:43)


Teresa Radzinski is the managing director of the U.S. Trust- Bank of America. Six in ten investors look at whether a corporation is socially responsible before deciding to invest. Hazel Henderson developed Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria (ESG) to determine whether a company is socially and environmentally accountable.

Radzinski's Background (05:26)

Radzinski joined U.S. Trust after working at Merrill Lynch. She created an impact investing sleeve for a group of Franciscan nuns. Nuns are well-educated, intelligent, passionate, and socially responsible.

Gender and Finance (02:52)

Susan Davis created "Committee of 200" and provided women with assertiveness training; finance used to be a male-dominated sector. Currently, women control 60% of wealth. Radzinski describes why women are more likely to invest in Impact funds.

Environmentally Friendly Homes and Communities (04:59)

Radzinski and her husband built a geothermal, LEED-certified green house. Florida Power and Light wanted to charge Henderson $20,000 for putting solar panels on her roof. Clean Edge ranks cities and states for green technology usage.

Women Moving into Finance (02:27)

More than half of the U.S. Trust executives at the leadership level are women. "The Guide to Impact Investing" helps individuals discover who is pioneering socially responsible funds.

U.S. Trust's Impact Fund (03:58)

Amy Domini will not invest in any company that does not have at least an equal number of women in executive positions. The "Women and Girls" sleeve screens for women in senior positions, board gender distribution, and minority promotions. The five sleeves at U.S. Trust Bank are out-performing the S&P by double digits.

Working with Big Portfolios (03:15)

Henderson detests conflicting companies where one division pollutes and the other cleans it up. Alvin and Heidi Toffler offered to finance Henderson's run for senate, but she declined and decided to go into asset management.

Credits: The Future of Investing: Women in Finance (00:49)

Credits: The Future of Investing: Women in Finance

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The Future of Investing: Women in Finance

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In this program, Hazel Henderson and Teresa Radzinski, MBA, Managing Director, U. S. Trust-Bank of America Private Wealth Management share stories on how women became prominent in finance and business. They discuss the challenges and opportunities women face and the recent studies that show women out-performing in portfolio management, leaders in ethical investing and how corporations lead by women often exceed benchmarks in performance and results. Teresa tells about her innovative clients who are courageous nuns speaking out and serving the poor, while taking charge of their own pension investments.

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