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New Trends in Globalization: Introduction (02:22)


GDP growth, privatization, deregulation, and free trade have dominated the markets since the 1980s. Hazel Henderson examines two recent trends in society: nativist nationalism and grass-roots globalism. Linda Crompton runs Women Leadership, U.S.A.

Encouraging Socially Responsible Change (04:34)

Crompton describes the cynicism brought by the 2008 financial collapse and deindustrialization in the United States. E.F. Schumacher's "Small is Beautiful," encourages corporations to work locally. After the "Battle of Seattle," protesters traveled to Porto Alegre, Brazil and formed "The World Social Forum."

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (04:27)

The UNSDG contains 17 goals including ending poverty, empowering women, energy, adding infrastructure, providing education, and ending hunger. Crompton and Henderson describe how the GDP does not measure essential needs.

Ethical Economics (02:54)

The American Sustainable Business Council tries to incorporate the 17 UNSDGs into business corporations. Crompton describes the growth in the number of organizations that promote sustainable ethical economics.

Impact of Millennials (04:36)

Millennials will represent 50% of the workforce by 2020; Henderson discusses how the youngest generation impacts foundations and corporations. Organizations like CalPERs stopped investing in hedge funds. Larry Fink was recently asked what his company was doing about climate change.

Green Investing (03:28)

This scoreboard tracks all private funds and persons who invest in renewable resources. Recently, the Institutional Investor wrote an article on Ethical Markets Media. At a conference, Al Gore explained that Generation Investing Management created a $10 billion fund that only invests in socially responsible companies.

Socially Responsible Investing (04:02)

Henderson worries that large investment corporations may create funds that deceptively appear green. Crompton creates a supportive network at Leadership Women U.S.A.

Credits: New Trends in Globalization (00:50)

Credits: New Trends in Globalization

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New Trends in Globalization

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In this program Hazel Henderson and Linda Crompton MBA, CEO of Leadership Women-USA explore the new trends they see in globalization from the nativist popular movements in the USA and Europe led by autocratic politicians to the “Small Is Beautiful” grassroots globalist in the United Nations 195 countries who support their Sustainable Development Goals and climate.

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