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Women Politicians and Investors: Introduction (03:27)


Linda Crompton recently proved that women are 56% more likely to be fired for making a mistake than men. Jennifer Pryce and Amy Domani run investment funds that require gender equality.

Closing the Gender Gap (02:50)

Crompton finds recent trends of gender equality encouraging. Only 5% of Fortune 500 companies maintain women in upper executive levels; 49 million children are dependent on the wages earned by single mothers.

Gender Progress (02:48)

Hazel Henderson discusses gender discrepancies and prejudice in the U.S. Congress. Crompton explains how the 2008 crash inspired femalen entrepreneurs. Women investors outperform men because they are more likely to continue to apply standard investment protocols instead of taking a risk.

Socially Responsible Investing (03:52)

Crompton ran one of the first ethically screened funds and completed the first environmental audit on a company. Leadership Women U.S.A. helps women attain more executive positions in corporations.

Decline of Banking Establishments (05:15)

After the crisis of 2008, corporations decided to move to local banks and invest in their communities. Henderson examines Fintech 100 companies, peer-to-peer lending, crowd-funding, and money-free transactions. "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus" by Douglas Rushkoff explores the need for governmental regulations over companies like TaskRabbit, Mechanical Turk, and Uber.

New Avenues of Employment (07:33)

Alvin and Heidi Toffler offered to finance Henderson's run for senate. Crompton emphasizes the need for women to keep fighting for gender equality in all sectors. Five large media companies control the U.S. media; Henderson created the Ethic Mark Award for socially responsible advertising campaigns.

Credits: Women Politicians and Investors (00:50)

Credits: Women Politicians and Investors

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Women Politicians and Investors

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In this program Hazel Henderson explores with Linda Crompton MBA, CEO of Leadership Women-USA how women open up new opportunities and innovate in business finance and politics. They discuss both bad and good news on gender issues in many fields including opportunities to positively impact mass media content and advertising.

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