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Evolving Capitalism (03:43)


Adam Smith wrote "Theory of Moral Sentiments" and "Wealth of Nations" over 300 years ago. Climate change brings increased hurricanes, droughts, floods, rising sea levels, and warmer temperatures. The six forms of capital include finance, build, intellectual, social, human, and natural capital.

Sustainable Development Goals (04:45)

Calvert Foundation and Hazel Henderson created the Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators; UNSDG helps clarify metrics. Wayne Silby created a mutual fund whose business decisions matched his personal values. Sub-optimization occurs when individuals look solely at making money.

Impact Investing (03:37)

Silby believes that the 2008 financial crisis caused individuals to re-think lifestyle choices; people want to contribute to a greater vision. Impact investing gives private companies income to help create a future similar to their personal values. The Calvert Foundation recently received an $8 million check after Unilever purchased Seventh Generation.

Inspiring Young People (06:31)

While attending a Social Venture Network conference, some Stanford University Students created Net Impact. Henderson believes it takes a lifetime to change a paradigm. Silby met a Ph.D. student at Tsinghua University and decided to create Syn Tao.

Solutions Consistent with Values (03:33)

Silby and Henderson recall how earlier in their careers, individuals did not care about social responsibility. The Kyoto protocol named, blamed, and shamed individuals and corporations who were not acting ethically. The release of the UNSDGs and the Paris climate accord helped shift the paradigm.

Social Responsibility (03:42)

Silby invested in "HeartMath," a stress reduction program. Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa went completely green around a business school. Henderson describes how renewable energy can appeal to Republican states.

Credits: The Future of Ethical Investing (00:52)

Credits: The Future of Ethical Investing

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In this program, Hazel Henderson and Wayne Silby, lawyer and founder of the Calvert Group of socially responsible mutual funds discuss where these investing trends Silby pioneered, are heading. They discuss how these trends evolved , as both were colleagues at Calvert from its launch in 1982 , when Henderson served on Calvert’s Advisory Council with other experts , helping develop Calvert’s social screens . These screens helped steer portfolios away from companies with poor records on pollution, mistreatment of employees, alcohol, tobacco, weapons makers toward the cleaner, greener ethical portfolios of many hundreds of similar funds today. Both agree that these investment vehicles, whether still called “ triple bottom line”, SRI, ESG , ethical, or “green” are now mainstream, with their value-based metrics offered by Morgan Stanley’s MSCI group. These funds are now often re-branded more broadly as “ impact investing “ seen as more acceptable, and are now offered by mainstream firms from Blackrock and Goldman Sachs to Bank of America . Other terms include “ sustainable,“  all widening the market for these funds. Thus, the issue going forward is to monitor these mainstream funds, their values, mission statements and portfolio choices and performance to avoid “ greenwashing."

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