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Social Investing Pioneer: Introduction (04:17)


Wayne Silby is the founder of Calvert Social Investment Fund and Syn Tao. While attending a Right Livelihood conference, Silby decided to create a mutual fund whose business decisions matched his personal values. Recently, the fund invested in private schools in India.

Engaging Millennials (06:13)

Stanford University students decided to create Net Impact or Students for Responsible Business Practice. Hazel Henderson and Silby examine why the term "socially responsible investing" changed to "impact investing." Henderson worries that BlackRock and Goldman Sachs might be greenwashing to appeal to millennials.

Impact Asset Fund (02:31)

Impact Assets is a donor-advised fund that sponsors sustainable and socially responsible corporations. Beyond Meat is a plant-based burger carried in Safeway stores across the nation.

Responsible Investment Portfolios (03:16)

Henderson prefers to invest in private companies, including Envision Solar, the Biomimicry Institute, and Generate Capital. The Calvert Foundation recently invested in a project that allows people with FICA scores below 700 to purchase solar roof installations.

Recent Innovations (04:01)

Silby met a PhD student at Tsinghua University and decided to create Syn Tao, the only company in China that can certify green bonds. DesertCorp is a program designed to green deserts using salt-water plants. Carl Hodges and the chief scientist of NASA recently went on Ethical Markets Media to discuss how Halophytes can help the environment.

Venture Risks and Rewards (04:06)

The Calvert Foundation recently received an $8 million check after Unilever purchased Seventh Generation. "The Economist" recently published an article describing how there will be no need for abortion clinics because women are mailing each other the morning after pill. Amory Lovins, Rondale, and Henderson inspired Silby to create the Calvert Social Investment Fund.

Reducing Bank Influence (03:06)

Fintech companies are bypassing the need for old-school banking establishments. Silby advises against using organizations like "Payday," which charge large amounts of interest to the consumer.

Credits: Social Investing Pioneer (00:53)

Credits: Social Investing Pioneer

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Social Investing Pioneer

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In this program, Hazel Henderson invites her longtime colleague Wayne Silby , founder of the Calvert Group of socially-responsible mutual funds, to share his personal story . Wayne reminisces on how he became involved in pioneering ethical investing . He describes his personal evolution from a successful currency fund manager , to questioning what he really wanted on his tombstone ! After founding Calvert in 1982 and steering the fund for decades , Wayne launched his Syntao company in Beijing China , foreseeing today’s China, now the second largest economy in the world , which is set to overtake the USA in the next decade due to its vast population and rapid innovation. Syntao brings Wayne’s investing model to China , now in many cities there , with 60 Chinese employees. Wayne now divides his time between homes in Washington, DC and Beijing . He still chairs the Calvert Foundation and a new donor-advised philanthropic fund , ImpactInvest --- and has no plans to slow down anytime soon !

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