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The Future of the Internet: Introduction (02:30)


Recent advances in the internet include: algorithms, fake news, government surveillance, artificial intelligence, and malware. Hazel Henderson introduces NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell.

Internet Innovative Uses (03:29)

Over 25 years, the internet changed society and econometrics. Recent advances include tele-medicine, tele-commuting, tele-politics, and tele-commerce. The infrastructure of the Optical Spectrum can handle increased bandwidth activity.

New Virtual Age (03:17)

Google knows more than any individual person and the internet is starting to indicate Emergence. Researchers are developing artificial intelligence that will search and summarize content on the internet, and creating a synthetic human brain. "Weapons of Math Destruction" examines cognitive biases and prejudices included in computer algorithms.

Becoming Cyborgs (05:45)

Humans now possess cochlear implants, artificial retinas, artificial hearts, and brain chips. Bushnell explains by creating a second intellectual species, humans will need to compete with machines for jobs by augmenting their minds. The U.S. needs to consider "long-term" to adjust to rapid technology improvement.

Future of Mankind (04:33)

Bushnell and Henderson debate guaranteed income and the need for jobs. Technology has advanced so rapidly that humans can build products and grow food. Autonomous robots will create water and grow food on Mars.

Mapping Out the Future (03:25)

Bushnell describes how our current educational system is becoming obsolete and needs to accommodate a virtual population. Human brains are developing and adapting in tandem with technological advances, and learning how to interact online.

Virtual Workplace and Education (02:59)

Henderson believes technological changes lead to female leadership and innovation. Bushnell explains how corporations are flat-lining and smaller companies will prosper. The economy recovered from the 2008 crash partially because of internet companies.

Economics and Technology (02:38)

Developers will link 3 trillion sensors to the internet. Henderson discusses internet security; the market decides what information is financially successful. Bushnell advocates remaining open-minded and adjustable in the changing world.

Credits: The Future of the Internet (00:52)

Credits: The Future of the Internet

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The Future of the Internet

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In this program, Hazel Henderson and NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell explore all the current issues swirling around the Internet, now the de facto "infostructure" undergriding our global ecnomy-just as rails and roads were the infrastructure of previous centuries. They discuss key questions, now that the Internet hosts businesses, finance, social media, news and "fake newes "empowering individuals, innovation, entrepreneurs as well as cybercriminals, jihadis, cryptocurrencies, money laundering, with software and malware that can damage physical power plants! As Internet governance changes, is it robust enough for all the new bandwidth users, from video to the so-called "internet of things. All in this fast-paced discussion.

Length: 31 minutes

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