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Ethical Investor Tessa Tennant (02:22)


Hazel Henderson introduces her guest who will discuss how financial markets can change in order to incorporate UNSDG. Tennant's credits include creating the first green fund in the UK, helping write the Ten Principles of Social Investment, founding CDP, and advising Carbon Tracker. Responsible investing is essential to advancing civilization past fossil fuel and nuclear energy dependence.

Call to Action (08:33)

Leading up to Cop21, countries submitted INDCs, individualized plans on how to reduce carbon footprints and use natural resources. advocates creating a global terminology that every country can use so investors can understand and write climate investment plans that will generate achievable goals quickly. Green Transitions Scorecard emphasized leapfrogging technologies in Africa to reduce carbon emissions.

Call to Action Barriers (02:42)

World Bank and the International Finance Corporation support creating a low carbon economy, but Tennant finds working with governments difficult. The competitive model of finance makes corporations want to produce their own products and not share information. Private markets are an asset to multi-layered development banks; green bonds recycle capital and do not invest in new projects.

Information Based Exchange (03:26)

Countries like Kenya, Nairobi, and Nigeria are bypassing old banking sectors to pay for renewable energy using cell phones. Tennant describes the benefits and ramifications of using a centralized grid or distributed solar panels. Henderson describes how electric cars still use carbon fuel to charge it.

Green Investment Bank (05:33)

The Climate Investment Plan is for every country in the world. The UK bank created a financing package to update street lights, reducing consumption needs. The Seven Barrows Project uses wave power to create energy, but impacts estuarine ecology.

Credits: The Future of Finance: Sustainability or Collapse? (00:42)

Credits: The Future of Finance: Sustainability or Collapse?

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The Future of Finance: Sustainability or Collapse?

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Hazel Henderson and UK investment pioneer Tessa Tennant look at the new consensus emerging in 2015 for the global transition from fossil fuels to clean, green, sustainable economies. Tennant serves on the British Green Investment Bank. Now that 195 countries have signed on to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the COP21 Climate Accords, this transition is accelerating worldwide.

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