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Responsible Investors Transforming of Finance: Introduction (02:31)


Hazel Henderson introduces Tessa Tennant; her credits include running an ethical investing firm, helping write the UNEP finance initiative, and founding the UKSIF and ASrIA. GDP can hinder economies long term.

Tennant's Personal Experience (05:37)

Tennant started investing in companies in her childhood, studied environmental sciences during college, and founded Unit Trust in the U.K. When the stock market crashed in 1987, Tennant interned at Joan Bavaria's Boston investment firm. The U.S. Social Investment Forum inspired a version in the UK.

Ethical Investing in 1990s (04:52)

Brazil had its own version of socially-responsible investing. Henderson and Tennant recall being despondent that the UNJSPF and UNOPS were not paying attention to issues of sustainability. Tennant explains how 9/11 turned focus towards national security and terrorism.

Ethical Investing and Politics (06:18)

China understands the need for responsible investing because the country's policies are driven by science. Tennant and Henderson discuss how the Group of 20 and President Barack Obama helped the sustainable energy cause. U.K. policies toward sustainable energy have hindered its growth in recent years.

Green Transition Scoreboard (04:53)

Fossil fuel sector advertising drives news media coverage in the U.S. ICE is a rewards program that gives discounts on products from responsible and sustainable companies. The Carbon Disclosure Project seeks for corporations to be aware of and disclose carbon footprints.

Credits: Responsible Investors Transforming of Finance (00:41)

Credits: Responsible Investors Transforming of Finance

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Responsible Investors Transforming of Finance

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Hazel Henderson discusses the evolution of the ethical, responsible, green investment movement with British pioneer investor Tessa Tennant. Tennant founded the first green U.K. mutual fund as well as the Social Investment Forum. She reviews the early obstacles, as she founded ASRIA, the first such group in Asia. An inspiring personal story!  

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