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Frat Boys: A Tradition of Brotherhood (01:15)


Fraternities in America are known for partying and secretive rituals. Frat boys are expected to become powerful members of society, but are also notorious for committing violent and sexual crimes.

Gazoni Family Fraternity (03:49)

Ben, a third year student, points out frat houses and describes what being part of the Greek system means to him. His brothers share their goals for the future and discuss female visitors.

Membership for Life (03:33)

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson discusses how being a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha contributed to her success. Greek life has a history of elitism among predominately white men.

Fraternity Initiation (04:07)

Recruits will do anything to join the Gazoni Family. Jordan shares the importance of loyalty. Attorney Doug Freiburg discusses how initiation rituals often lead to unexpected tragedy.

Kowiak Tragedy (05:50)

Harrison Kowiak was a fraternity pledge when he suffered from a mysterious injury. Lianne, Brian, and Emma Kowiak share what dark secrets the fraternity is hiding. Harrison eventually died from his injuries.

Sorority, Fraternity Connections (03:03)

The Gazoni Family pairs new pledges with their "big brothers." The brothers will help initiate the new recruits into fraternity life. A young sorority member shares the importance of being connected to a good sorority.

Partying Violence (05:57)

Marissa, a student of Syracuse University, shares the story of her violent, sexual assault. She says women do not feel safe seeking help after such assaults. Cari Simon shares statistics on sexual assault in universities, but Brandon Weghorst claims sexuality has nothing to do with the fraternity system.

Joining the Brotherhood (04:40)

With one week left of pledging, Tim, Gazoni Family vice president, leads the group in a ritual. Jordan and several other pledges explain why they want to join the brotherhood.

Initiation Week (04:26)

Gazoni Family members discuss who to allow into the group. Jordan is accepted into the brotherhood and sent to a week of initiation.

Reality of Hazing (04:02)

New Yorker Terrance shares his horrific fraternity experience. During initiation he was hospitalized after being branded and beaten with a boat paddle. He decided not to accept the fraternity membership.

Importance of Secrecy (01:45)

As the pledges leave for initiation, Ben discusses the need for fraternity secrets. Ben denies there is any hazing, but the crew is not allowed to film the private initiation.

Justice for Terrance (02:41)

In Michigan, Terrance and Freiburg discuss the lawsuit against the fraternity members who beat Terrance.

Protecting Tradition and Students (06:13)

Wilson and Weghorst share the importance of keep hazing out of Greek life. Marissa and Lianne fight to protect young people from violence and sexual assault. The Gazoni Family welcomes home the new brothers from initiation week.

Credits: Frat Boys (00:36)

Credits: Frat Boys

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America’s college fraternities are notorious for hard drinking and hard partying, but they are also accused of fostering a culture of brutality and sexual assault. During one term at the University of Central Florida, the program follows the life of a group of frat boys as they embark on the pledging process, when new recruits have to prove themselves before they can become a fraternity brother. Most are joining because fraternities provide access to a powerful network of alumni throughout the U.S. But each year, students die or are injured in barbaric initiation rituals known as hazing, and some argue that the way the fraternity system is set up allows sexual assaults to occur during drunken campus parties. Research has shown that fraternity men are three times more likely to commit sexual assault than non-fraternity men.

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