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Northern Thailand (06:05)


Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand boasts over 3,000 kilometers of coastline. Eastern and Western philosophies merge. A phayre's langur mother refuses to allow her sisters or mother to care for her baby.

Roof of Thailand (02:36)

Forested mountain cover two-thirds of Northern Thailand. Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain. Water becomes more acidic as it eats away the limestone rock, carving canyons.

Tham Lod Cave (04:45)

The cavern is over 150 feet tall. Cave racer snakes eat cook's swifts. Ampar collects bird guano to make merit. Buddhist teachings dictate that favor can be earned with small acts of respect or kindness.

Isaan Region (03:01)

Mr. Tanon bends and breaks banana palm leaves to provide a home for painted bats.

Yi Peng and Loi Krathong Festivals (02:16)

Buddhists release sky born lanterns to celebrate the full moon. Families celebrate the elements of nature with dance and by honoring Phra Mae Khongkha.

Elephant Nature Park (07:03)

The Asian elephant weighs up to five tons; loggers use the animals as tractors. Lek rescued Kabo and others, allowing them to roam freely on her sanctuary.

Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Reserve (06:48)

Each banteng herd contains one male, several females, and their calves. Other wildlife include sambar deer and Indochinese tigers. The Wildlife Conservation Society, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, and the Department of Parks try to prevent the tigers from extinction.

Restoring Harmony (03:07)

Papau attempts to connect with the spirits who live in the forest to help his ailing wife. The Black Lahu Hill Tribe men give an offering to the spirits. Watch the tribe dance in celebration of its creator, G'uisha.

Phrae Province (03:39)

The big-headed turtle feeds once every few days. The amphibian attacks a fresh water crab in a small stream.

Mae Hong Son Province (02:06)

After logging cleared the area, Mexican sunflowers spread across the empty hills. The province adopted it as a mascot.

Ingenious Ants (04:35)

Weaver ants work together to build a home out of leaves. Grubs in their final stage produce adherent silk that holds the structure together. Mr. Boonsho uses the insects as a natural pesticide on his mango farm; he harvests their eggs.

Natural Pesticide (03:38)

Water from the mountains trickles down and irrigates rice fields. Wrinkle-lipped bats attack white-backed Planthoppers, rescuing enough rice to feed 26,000 people every year.

Credits: The Mysterious North (00:29)

Credits: The Mysterious North

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In the jungles of Phu Khieo live some unusual primates. Phayre's leaf monkeys live up to their name, eating the leaves of around a hundred different types of plant.

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