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Southeast Asia (06:35)


Thailand boasts over 3,000 kilometers of coastline. Eastern and Western philosophies merge. At Khao Yai National Park, lar gibbons cross above a busy interstate on a rope bridge. (Credits)

Phraya Nakhon Cave (04:52)

Central Thailand boasts Bangkok and the nation's rice bowl. Kings have visited the Royal Pavilion since the country was known as Siam; 6,000 Lyle's Flying Fox live at Wat Pho Bang Khla temple.

Buddhist and Hindi Religions (02:33)

Buddhists believe the lotus represents enlightenment. Upa sells lotus buds to visitors who wish to pay homage at Erawan temple.

Asian Elephant (03:41)

Revered for centuries, elephants are domesticated for tourist rides. Sublangka Wildlife Sanctuary rehabilitates the animals and reintroduces them to the wild. A former mahout, Anan takes care of Ean and Vasana.

Prachuap Khiri Khan (02:53)

Chestnut munias steal rice grains from the patty fields. Open-billed storks eat golden apple snails. A Thai family collects fish that were trapped in the mud after the last rainy season.

Muay Thai (03:10)

Boys from a local village catch Siamese fighting fish. Famous Thai Boxers become household names. Compare how these athletes attack and win matches.

Dance of the Siamese Fighting Fish (01:54)

Fishermen breed the fish for color, tails, and fins. Visarute photographs their beauty.

Thai Food Markets (02:55)

Wailee purchases and cooks a pot of live crickets. A tokay gecko tries to steal food from the feast.

Bangkok, Thailand (02:35)

At Lumpini Park, water monitors search for meat. The large lizards can reach over nine feet and weigh over 110 pounds.

Buddhist Teachings (03:32)

Performing a good deed is a way of making merit in Buddhist teachings. Rangers celebrate the elephants' complete rehabilitation and reintegration into the wild. Ean bows to Princess Sirindhorn.

Sakaerat (05:50)

Elephants and snakes receive mythical status in Thai mythology. Venomous green pit vipers live in small communities and prey on frogs, lizards, and mice. Colin Strine attempts to capture a king cobra located near a Thai family home.

Thailand's Waterways (03:13)

An ancient religion believes that the wealth of Thailand was bestowed upon humans by the Naka snakes. Women selling produce gather to buy and sell on their boats. Canals link Cambodia to Thailand's southwest and coastal provinces; fisherman dry anchovies in the sun.

Bryde's Whales (03:53)

Whales feed on anchovies in the Gulf of Thailand from August through December. Scientists puzzle over why the mammals open their mouth and swirl the fish to the back of the gullet.

Living as Wild Elephants (03:23)

Vasana and Ean learn how to live independently, away from human contact. Rangers make merit and renew the forest.

Credits: The Central Heartland (00:32)

Credits: The Central Heartland

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In Central Thailand's forests, fertile plains and even city streets, nature finds a way of living alongside people. This bustling region is known as the nation's rice bowl, but even here there are magical places to be found, where time seems to have stood still. Spirituality is often the key to understanding Central Thailand's harmonious relationship with nature. Away from the skyscrapers of Bangkok and the manicured lawns of Lumpini Park, where enormous water monitor lizards mingle with the picnicking families, a ceremony epitomizing the Thai Buddhist notion of "making merit" takes place. A group of formerly captive elephants are released by Thailand's beloved Princess Sirindhorn into the forest. They will now form part of a herd of rehabilitated elephants that live and breed as wild elephants once more. From giant bats to giant snakes, feisty fighting fish to wondrous and mysterious whales, Central Thailand is unique, spiritual and still untamed.

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