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Earth's Neighbors (07:24)


Venus and Mars have weather that is drastically different from Earth. Differences in atmosphere and pressure cause the variances.

Gas Planet Storms (04:35)

Large gas planets have the largest and longest-lasting storms because of their lack of continents to control the weather. Jupiter’s red spot is the longest documented storm, but Saturn still holds the record for largest storm recorded.

Diamond Rain (07:46)

Clouds on other planets are different from those on Earth. Some planets have extra layers of clouds made of substances ranging from methane, ammonia, sulfur, and diamonds.

Finding Planets (04:49)

Tracking down exoplanets is difficult, but scientists use two systems: the Radio Velocity Technique, which reveals the mass, and the Transit Method, which measures the size. Small planets are typically rocky while larger ones are more gaseous.

Infrared Discovery (05:51)

It is now possible to learn more about planets through infrared imaging. This method allows scientists to discover what types of gases are expelled by a planet through the refracted light.

Hot Jupiters (05:03)

Infrared imaging also helps determine the temperature of a planet. Some planets are so close to their stars that they are title locked, creating permanent night and day sides.

Strange Rains (04:48)

On certain planets, solids become liquids within the atmosphere. A lava planet can rain pebbles on its night side. The strangest rain recorded is a liquid ruby downpour.

New Earth (06:13)

Planet hunters hope to find a habitable planet similar to Earth. Today’s technology makes it easier to find bigger, hotter planets; several could have the conditions of Earth.

Search Continues (02:35)

The combination of Earth’s atmosphere, pressure, and location make it unique thus far. The amount of extreme weather within the universe suggests that Earth may have the weirdest weather in the universe.

Credits: The Weirdest Weather in the Universe (00:42)

Credits: The Weirdest Weather in the Universe

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From bowling-ball-sized hailstones to twisting tornadoes, the weather on our planet is extraordinary. But even Earth’s most extreme weather can’t compare to that seen on other planets in our solar system—let alone planets millions of light-years away. Using state-of-the-art research and amazing CGI images, Horizon recreates the most spectacular weather in the Universe. From diamond rain to clouds of molten lava, these are conditions that even the most creative sci-fi writers could never imagine.

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