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Deepstaria Jellyfish (05:50)


Dr. Haddock identifies a rare organism. Workers on an ROV posted photos of the mystery animal to social media.

Sperm Whale Remains (06:33)

Decomposing whale flesh strands on Bonfil Beach. In 1896, a similar Florida stranding was thought to be a giant octopus.

Larger Pacific Striped Octopus (04:53)

Caldwell confirms ArcadiovRodaniche's findings on predatory octopus behavior. The LPSO hunts by tapping prey with its tentacle.

Shabani (05:22)

A silver-backed gorilla is attractive to female fans worldwide. He appears to be flirting, due to white scleras.

Peek-a-boo Spider (06:52)

Jurgen Otto discovered a new species while camping in Australia. Feathered feet test and attract females.

Reestablishing Whooping Cranes (05:19)

In 1968, George Archibald courted Tex , and endangered bird. Breeding programs for the vulnerable population have been successful.

Moor Frogs (06:31)

Males turn blue during mating season. Increased hormone levels results in cellular changes.

Lake Hillier (05:34)

Newly-discovered bacteria cause a saline lake in Western Australia to turn pink. DNA tests reveal the color is not caused by algae.

Credits: Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 6 (00:31)

Credits: Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 6

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Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 6

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In this episode Chris Packham unravels some of nature's oddest creatures: a deep-sea blob spotted in the Gulf of Mexico that mystified oil rig workers and sent the Internet in to frenzy, the washed-up remains of a gargantuan creature that baffled scientists for decades, and a stow-away spider with a set of unfathomable feet. Chris also investigates an octopus who's behavior was so extraordinary that nobody believed it was real, the curious case of bright blue frogs appearing in pools in Germany and an Australian lake the color of bubble-gum that had an evolutionary secret hidden within its lurid depths.

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