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Displaced by Floods (07:06)


Find out how clumps of earthworms were stranded on a highway in Texas. Gar became trapped in playground fences.

Giant Australian Fruit Bats (05:15)

After deforestation, bats cause noise and damage in Batemans Bay. Residents repel the animals, who pollinate spotted gum trees.

Sperm Whale Stranding (08:07)

Disoriented by shallow water, males have washed up on the shore of the North Sea for centuries. Mass stranding may indicate stabilizing populations.

Robots and Starfish (05:45)

COTS-spot eradicates coral-eating Crown-of-thorns starfish in the Great Barrier Reef. Consider how technology assists conservationists.

Disabling Dangerous Drones (03:34)

Eagles trained by police and security professionals are used to capture drones being used for criminal activity.

Cartwheeling Spider (05:38)

Ingo Rechenberg designed a spider-like robot to roll uphill. New technology is inspired by biological processes.

Lattice Cocoon (04:53)

A uniquely shaped chrysalis safeguards against ants and rain. Consider how weather influences animal evolution.

Bats in Pitcher Plants (05:40)

Nepenthes hemsleyana survives on bat feces. Its curved back wall signals the bats through echolocation.

Credits: Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 4 (00:33)

Credits: Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 4

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Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 4

Part of the Series : Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2)
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Chris Packham investigates mysteries and new discoveries from the natural world. He solves the puzzle of strange balls of worms on a road and fish stuck in fences in Texas. He explains how an Australian town became plagued by giant bats and why so many sperm whales became stranded around the North Sea in 2015. Chris also explores how a robot could help save the Great Barrier Reef, why eagles might be the best defense against dangerous drones and how the discovery of a spider in the Sahara could take us to other planets. Finally, he reveals new discoveries like a strange alien cocoon in the Amazon and a plant that makes a home for a bat in Borneo.

Length: 50 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64198-270-2

Copyright date: ©2016

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