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Weaponized Ocean Creatures (07:54)


A blue dragon sea slug stings an unsuspecting swimmer, causing her hospitalization. Sea slugs and Blue Bottle jellyfish use venom to protect themselves in the open ocean.

Pitohui Bird (07:06)

Dr. Jack Dumbacher discovered the first poisonous bird in Papua New Guinea. The naturally-occurring toxin comes from a diet of beetles.

Elephant Damage Control (07:05)

Farmers in Kenya implement beehive fences to protect their crops from elephants. The bees provide honey and economic opportunity.

Flying Goats (04:57)

American mountain goats are relocated by air to in order to stabilize the population. In the 1950s, beavers were dropped by parachute into Idaho.

New Albatross Colony (05:48)

Threatened by climate change, chicks are relocated from the Pyramid to Point Gap on Chatham Island. The birds have a strong homing instinct.

Sacred Stone-Throwing (08:58)

Evolutionary theology suggests chimpanzees demonstrate early human religious behavior. Consider why animals use tools.

Ancient Lizard Footprints (06:58)

Human hand prints were discovered in an 8,000 year old cave. Mysterious non-human prints were made by monitor lizard feet.

Credits: Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 2 (00:31)

Credits: Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 2

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Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 2

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In this episode, Chris Packham investigates some of nature's strangest stories. He examines the bizarre case of a mystery stinger in Australia, finds out what poisoned a scientist on a jungle expedition, learns why goats are flying in Utah and discovers why albatross are being planted in flowerpots off the coast of New Zealand. Chris also unveils the secret behind a mystery specter in the clouds, reveals why chimpanzees are having rituals and explores who—or what—was the source of some bizarre prehistoric handprints in Egypt.

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