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Coastal Animals (06:35)


A chef tells the story of finding an emaciated sea lion sitting in a restaurant booth. Along the California coast, marine animals are making unusual appearances on land. El NiƱo year affects sea temperatures, weather patterns, and the marine food supply for sea lions.

Magellanic Penguin (05:59)

Joao Pereira rescued Dindim when he was covered in oil. Consider reasons that Dindim returns to Proveta Beach every year around July.

Ancient Cave Lions (06:46)

After a flood, scientists in Siberia's Sakha Republic discovered 10,000 year-old Cave Lion cubs in the permafrost. Cloning extinct species through hybrid embryos is a poor use of dwindling lion populations.

Spider-Tailed Horned Viper (05:16)

A newly-discovered snake uses an elaborate lure to attract prey. Consider the difficulty of identifying a new species.

Giant African Land Snails (05:39)

Authorities have collected 162,000 invasive snails in Florida through public outreach and the use of canine tracking. Land snails may carry meningitis, as well as posing a threat to property and crops.

Squid Eggs (04:20)

Squid lay eggs in a gelatinous mass to safeguard against predators. A 3-4 meter blob of eggs was discovered by a diving instructor off the coast of Turkey.

Luminescent Moss (04:12)

Luminous moss in North Wales appears to glow when observed from one angle. Colloquially called Goblin Gold, it grows in areas of low light.

Space Junk (07:17)

Fuel tanks fell from the sky, causing concern around the world. When possible, debris from satellites is released over the Pacific Ocean to avoid causing harm.

Credits: Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 1 (00:31)

Credits: Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 1

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Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2): Episode 1

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In the first episode of this series, Chris Packham investigates the strangest stories from the natural world. He finds out why Spain is under attack from spaceballs, learns how a penguin became a man's best friend and discovers prehistoric lions that could be brought back from the dead. Chris also uncovers the origin of a mysterious underwater blob, unearths goblin's gold, and reveals a slimy invasion in Florida.

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