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The Story of Fertility: Introduction (02:08)


People are settling down later in life than ever before, leading to more questions and concerns about fertility.

Family History (04:17)

Alex Jones would like to understand more about her family history, so she asks her mother and sister about their experiences with pregnancy. At 25, her mother was considered an “old mom” in her day, but times have changed and her sister conceived easily at the age of 31.

Testing Age (02:39)

At Hammersmith Hospital, Jones has a blood test and an ultrasound to determine the health of her ovaries. These two tests help the doctors identify what a patient’s next steps toward pregnancy should be.

Female Fertility (04:34)

Jones talks with a psychologist and a midwife about timing and health regarding conception. She learns the subtle signs of ovulation and the importance of a healthy-lifestyle.

Male Fertility (06:25)

Male fertility has a greater effect on pregnancy than traditionally thought. Jones learns that some factors that reduce male fertility are due to heat exposure; most can be reversed with a lifestyle change.

What if it's not Enough? (04:41)

An increasingly popular solution to infertility is artificial insemination. Jones learns that this process is not a guarantee and is quite costly.

Amazing Donations (06:56)

Women and men can donate their eggs and sperm. This process has helped infertile couples and same sex couples achieve their dreams of having a family.

Embryo Screening (05:08)

Artificial insemination is becoming more specialized as doctors are beginning to screen embryos. Next Generation Sequencing raises a couples chances of getting pregnant from 30% to 60% or higher.

Transfer Timing (03:08)

Doctors are beginning to believe many in vitro procedures are failing due to timing. This medical process is becoming more personalized.

Womb Transplants (04:52)

Jones talks with Jenny, a young woman born without a womb. Together they learn about new procedures that allow doctors to transplant wombs.

Pregnancy Results (03:44)

Jones’ test results show she is healthy for her age. Eight months later, Jones discovers she is pregnant with her first baby.

Credits: The Story of Fertility (00:39)

Credits: The Story of Fertility

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As she approaches her 40s, recently married presenter Alex Jones goes on a very personal journey: to discover the truth about a topic that affects countless women. This film tackles many common myths, explaining how the so-called "fertility cliff" at age 35 is based on statistics from 1700s France and revealing how the average maternal age in the U.K. recently hit 30 for the first time since records began. There are also some uncomfortable truths to confront, as Alex learns she faces a hugely increased risk of miscarrying or giving birth to a child with Down syndrome. Featuring extraordinary people who share their poignant stories, The Story about Fertility profiles the pioneering treatments that are making many couples’ dream of parenthood come true.

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