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New Guinea (05:18)


Steve Backshall, a naturalist and adventurer, plans to travel down the Baliem River, exploring the wilderness of New Guinea. Aldo Kane scouts out the most difficult portion of the trip. The river descends a mile in 100 kilometers.

Helicopter Ride (07:47)

The expedition team attempts to find a place to land in the lower gorge. Backshall, Barney Young, and Jordan Searle kayak down the rapids; Backshall capsizes. The inflatable rafts travel down the whitewater.

Regrouping (02:50)

Young scouts ahead and discovers rapids that are too difficult to transverse. The team camps for the night.

Rain Day (02:55)

The expedition team cannot leave the area because of the precipitation. Wasps release a pheromone to instruct other wasps to sting a predator.

Papuan Tribes (08:35)

Kane and Backshall search for a Yali village. A Nephila spider releases golden silk. After traveling to the top of the mountain, the team returns to the campsite in the dark.

Starting Down the River Again (06:50)

The Helicopter picks up the expedition team and carries them further down the Baliem River. Backshall meets a Yali hunting party. Another group of tribe members arrives and worry that the team is stealing minerals.

Last Day in the Lower Gorge (02:49)

The Baliem river widens and slows. Motorboats will carry the Kane and Backshall to the Pacific Ocean. The crew celebrates their last night together.

Lowland Jungle (04:12)

Backshall watches the large fruit bats fly overhead. The Asmat people have lived in the area for over 30,000 years. Backshall stops at Yaosakor to meet the village elders.

Salt Water Crocodiles (03:25)

Asmat people believe evil people are reincarnated as crocodiles. Backshall sees a skeleton of a reptile that killed 17 tribe members.

Tribal Customs (02:17)

When it begins to rain, the village gathers to sing, dance, and feast. The Asmat incorporate Christian and animalist beliefs. The drum circle begins.

Feast Concludes (04:11)

Asmat villagers sit around and talk after the drumming ends. Anthropologists and collectors appreciate the tribe's carvings. Backshall travels to the Pacific Ocean.

Credits: Steve Backshall's Extreme River Challenge: Episode 2 (00:31)

Credits: Steve Backshall's Extreme River Challenge: Episode 2

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Adventurer and naturalist Steve Backshall sets out to explore one of the wildest rivers in the world, the mighty Baliem River on the island of New Guinea. He’s on a mission to discover the ancient tribes that live along its banks, explore unknown caves and meet the dangerous animals lurking in the river and surrounding jungle. But the only way to discover these hidden worlds is to travel the river from source to sea—a feat that has never been achieved before. In this second episode, Steve and his crew kayak Baliem’s lower gorge—one of the most extreme stretches of white water on the planet. With jagged rock walls looming overhead and crashing currents bearing down on the kayaks, the risk of capsizing is constant. Battling wild weather and dense jungle, Steve’s explorations of the surrounding valley prove equally as challenging. Steve encounters large spiders, fierce wasp nests and a local tribe who have little contact with the outside world. Finally entering the tidal reaches of the Baliem River, Steve has to reconcile his passionate belief in conservation with a local tribe’s determination to hunt crocodiles in the region.

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