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Lakes and Rivers - Episode Two: Operation Gold Rush (02:09)


One hundred and twenty years after the Klondike Gold Rush, a team is retracing the 600-mile journey. Historian Dan Snow, medic and engineer Dr. Kevin Fong, and polar explorer and scientist, Felicity Aston, have traversed the Alaska coastal mountains and are now embarking on the second leg of their trip.

Lindeman Lake (07:08)

During the gold rush, men built rowboats from trees, so the team hires a carpenter to build a rowboat and crude wooden paddles. The group's progress is slow across the 8-mile lake until Snow constructs a sail from a tent rain cover.

One Mile Rapids (08:10)

The cumbersome rowboat and paddles make the trip down the rapids dangerous. Entering the rapids, a hidden rock jolts the boat and they lose control; Snow maneuvers the boat to safety.

Bennett, Alaska (08:11)

The group comes ashore in Bennett, a former gold rush town. Snow's nose is injured; Fong determines it is not broken. Dan makes a mast from a tree and constructs a sail.

Bennett Lake (09:25)

The team embarks on the 30 miles of Bennett Lake, known for its stormy weather. After only 5 miles, headwinds drive them ashore for the night. The next day, bad weather forces the group to accept a tow from their support crew to Carcross, Alaska.

Yukon River (08:06)

The group travels via automobile 200 miles to Minto, Alaska, where they put the boat into the Yukon River. Experts advise them about bears and the hazards of shifting sandbars and floating log jams. With food for only four days, the trio must paddle 200 miles to Dawson City.

Fort Selkirk (03:14)

The group meets a trapper in Fort Selkirk who makes clothing from animal furs. They learn how the First Peoples were decimated by disease and displaced by the gold miners.

Geology of Gold (04:52)

With her background as a geologist, Aston discusses why gold is found in this region and demonstrates how to use a gold pan. The team has 150 miles of travel to reach the gold fields of Klondike.

Credits: Lakes and Rivers (00:43)

Credits: Lakes and Rivers

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Historian Dan Snow continues his epic adventure following in the footsteps of the 19th-century's last great gold rush. Leading a one-month expedition, he's joined by polar explorer Felicity Aston and remote environment medic Dr. Kevin Fong. Their goal: to strike gold in Canada's frozen wilderness. So far the team have traveled just 30 of the nearly 600 mile-journey to the gold fields. Having made their way across the Alaskan Coastal Mountains, they now face a very different challenge: the treacherous Canadian lakes and rivers. In this episode Dan and the team begin a marathon boat trip. They'll be traveling in a specially built replica wooden boat based on original designs from the Gold Rush. It's basic, heavy and difficult to control, but somehow they're going to have to navigate it across hundreds of miles of water. They'll face enormous lakes, notorious for unpredictable stormy weather, and "One Mile Rapids": a narrow canyon filled with churning white water and jagged rocks that wrecked dozens of the Klondiker boats. No one has attempted to run these rapids in a boat like this in over a hundred years. If they make it this far, the stunning but unforgiving Yukon River awaits: a colossal, fast-flowing current snaking through one of the world's last true wildernesses. They'll need to paddle hundreds of miles to reach Dawson City, the gateway to the Klondike. Only then will they have a chance to try and strike their own gold.

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