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"The Old Curiosity Shop": Theft (06:58)


Christopher "Kit" Nubbles arrives to meet the Single Gentleman. Sampson Brass offers to employ Mrs. Nubbles. Richard "Dick" Swiveller discovers a bank note in Kit's top hat.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Prisoner (03:50)

Mr. Marton escorts Nell Trent inside because of her cough. Swiveller explains that Sarah and Sampson Brass, and Daniel Quilp incarcerated Nubbles.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Swiveller Falls Ill (09:31)

Brass dismisses Swiveller. The Marchioness nurses Swiveller back to health and relays the Sarah and Sampson's conversation about Nubbles.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Last Night in England (05:15)

Nubbles laments his mother and sibling's problems. Swiveller convinces Mr. Witherden and Abel Garland of the Sarah and Sampson's misdeeds. Mrs. Jarley meets the Single Gentleman and relays the location of Nell Trent and her Grandfather.

Credits: The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 8 (01:01)

Credits: The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 8

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The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 8

Part of the Series : The Old Curiosity Shop
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In this episode, Daniel Quilp, Sampson Brass, and Sarah Brass frame Christopher "Kit" Nubbles and dismisses Richard "Dick" Swiveller. Based upon the serial publication written by Charles Dickens for Master's Humphrey's Clock. This film adaptation stars Natalie Ogle, Trevor Peacock, and Sebastian Shaw.

Length: 28 minutes

Item#: BVL141216

ISBN: 978-1-64198-245-0

Copyright date: ©1979

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