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"The Old Curiosity Shop": Local Tavern (05:43)


A stranger offers Nell Trent and her Grandfather a warm place to spend the night. Richard "Dick" Swiveller attempts to get information about the Single Gentleman. Christopher "Kit" Nubbles wants Nell and her Grandfather to return to the curiosity shop.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Place to Rest (03:56)

Swiveller overhears that Jerry and his dancing dogs saw Nell and Grandfather at a waxworks. The Single Gentleman asks Mr. Harris to bring the dog master to the tavern tomorrow. Nell and Grandfather sleep in warm ashes.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Departing the Stranger (06:43)

The stranger watches the fire all night. Nell and Grandfather prepare to depart. The stranger warns grandfather that Nell is not well.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Meeting Mr. Marton (04:10)

Nell begs for charity and explains their situation. Mr. Marton gives them a ride into the country and pays for their lodgings.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Quilp's Search (02:22)

Daniel Quilp asks strangers if they have seen Nell and Grandfather. Mr. Marton decides to bring them to the village and insists Nell travel by stagecoach.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Finding Aide (01:55)

The stranger misleads Quilp. Mr. Marton worries about Nell's illness.

Credits: The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 6 (00:58)

Credits: The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 6

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The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 6

Part of the Series : The Old Curiosity Shop
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In this episode, Mr. Marton takes pity upon Nell Trent and her Grandfather while Daniel Quilp searches for the pair. Based upon the serial publication written by Charles Dickens for Master's Humphrey's Clock. This film adaptation stars Natalie Ogle, Trevor Peacock, and Sebastian Shaw.

Length: 27 minutes

Item#: BVL141214

ISBN: 978-1-64198-243-6

Copyright date: ©1979

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