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"The Old Curiosity Shop": Night at Waxworks (03:21)


Nell Trent watches her Grandfather gambling with two strangers and loses all their money.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Brass' Legal Office (04:06)

Sampson Brass inquires how Richard "Dick" Swiveller likes the stool Sarah purchased for him. The simple gentleman has a visitor who is an organ grinder.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": New Friend (09:01)

Swiveller laments his position and catches a small servant watching him. Sarah calls her "The little devil," but Swiveller decides to name her "The Marchioness." She mentions the Single Gentleman is looking for a boy.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Finding Kit (02:40)

Mr. Witherden introduces Christopher "Kit" Nubbles. The Single Gentleman asks for Nell and Grandfather's whereabouts.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Packing Away Waxworks (03:04)

Nell confesses she just saw Quilp and they need to leave the waxworks. Mr. George Slum wants to propose to Mrs. Jarley.

"The Old Curiosity Shop": Gaining Knowledge (03:04)

The Single Gentleman knows Nell and Grandfather traveled with the Punch and Judy puppeteers and worries about them. Nell has a nightmare. Betsy Quilp laments over the location of her husband; Quilp finds Nell's handkerchief.

Credits: The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 5 (01:07)

Credits: The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 5

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The Old Curiosity Shop: Episode 5

Part of the Series : The Old Curiosity Shop
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In this episode, Quilp comes closer to discovering the location of Nell and her Grandfather and Richard Dick Swiveller meets the Marchioness. Based upon the serial publication written by Charles Dickens for Master's Humphrey's Clock. This film adaptation stars Natalie Ogle, Trevor Peacock, and Sebastian Shaw.

Length: 28 minutes

Item#: BVL141213

ISBN: 978-1-64198-242-9

Copyright date: ©1979

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