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"Bring Back Our Girls" (03:44)


Boko Haram kidnapped 279 schoolgirls in Chibok. One year later, Panorama travels into Nigeria to try to find the children. Operating out of the Sambisa Forest, Boko Haram attacks occur throughout the northeastern part of the country.

Attack on Girl's School (03:13)

Boko Haram attacked Chibok, set fire to the school's dormitories, and forced the girls into trucks. Fifty girls managed to escape. Pastor Enoch Mark's daughters were taken. The Islamist group released a video of 137 of the group wearing hijabs and reciting the Qu'ran.

Nigerian Military Takes Action (02:55)

The Army attacks Boko Haram camps in the Sambisa Forest and rescues over 700 women and children, but none of them are the Chibok students. Abubakar Shekau does not want females educated.

Controlling Women (02:38)

Faith describes her four-month stay at one of Boko Haram's camps. The girls from Chibok were considered special by the soldiers and were not permitted to mingle with other females. A graphic video shows a woman being stoned as punishment.

Traveling Into Boko Haram Territory (04:23)

Tulip Mazumdar travels to Chibok. Citizens in the area must pass through checkpoints to prove they are unarmed. Samson Aboku collects photographs of the missing girls.

Violence Against Non-Muslims (04:45)

Miriam describes how Boko Haram forced her to marry one of its soldiers. Her husband threatened to kill her if he ever sees her again. During Mubi's occupation, soldiers destroyed banks and other infrastructure.

Forced Conversion, Violence, and Marriage (03:49)

Miriam describes how the Chibok schoolgirls are deeply indoctrinated in the Muslim Faith. Anna recalls the violence the girls participated in.

Forced to Become Militia (03:00)

Pastor Mark believes that one of his daughters refused to convert, and soldiers buried her up to the neck and stoned her to death. The military refuses to allow Mazumdar to continue to Chibok.

Credits: Missing Stolen School Children (00:37)

Credits: Missing Stolen School Children

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Missing Stolen School Children

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The world was outraged when it emerged that Boko Haram militants had kidnapped 276 girls from a school in Chibok town in Nigeria. Over a year later, most of those girls are still missing. Tulip Mazumdar tracks down women and girls who’ve escaped from Boko Haram. Those held alongside the Chibok schoolgirls reveal how some have been forced to "turn", becoming deeply radicalized and joining the militant group.

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