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"Martin Chuzzlewit": Family Reunited (06:44)


Charity Pecksniff, Mr. Augustus Moddle, Sarah Gamp, Tom Pinch, Ruth Pinch, and Mercy Pecksniff drink tea. Mr. Chuffey screams out that someone is dead upstairs. When Jonas Chuzzlewit arrives home, he threatens the guests and orders Mercy to make up a spare bedroom for him.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Plotting (03:00)

Gamp shares what Mr. Chuffey said during the tea party and explains that Chuffey requires constant care. Jonas disguises himself, sneaks out of his home, and returns to the country.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Confessions of Old Friends (05:49)

Martin Chuzzlewit Jr. and Mark Tapley visit Pinch and Ruth. Mary Graham shared how honorably Pinch reacted when Seth Pecksniff confronted and dismissed him. Lewsome explains that Jonas bribed him into providing poison.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": At Pinch's Business (02:02)

Martin Chuzzlewit Sr. reveals himself as Pinch's employer and asks him to arrange a family conclave. Jonas follows Tigg Montague's carriage.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": In London (03:24)

Sarah Gamp and Betsey Prigg drink alcohol, discuss caring for Mr. Chuffey, and argue about Mrs. Harris.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Wiltshire Dinner (03:43)

Montague and Pecksniff conclude their business deal. Jonas murders Montague and returns to London. An investor reveals that David Crimple stole all the funds from the Anglo-Bengali Disinterested Loan and Life Insurance Company.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Truth Be Told (10:47)

Mercy Pecksniff went to Mrs. Todger's boarding house. Chuffey reveals that Anthony Chuzzlewit knew Jonas was poisoning him and replaced the medicine. After Chevy Slime arrests Jonas for the murder of Montague, Jonas drinks poison.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Family Conclave (12:27)

Martin Chuzzlewit Sr. confronts Seth Pecksniff about his behavior and redrafted his will naming his grandson as the primary heir. Martin Chuzzlewit Jr. and Graham marry. Charity receives a letter from Mr. Augustus Moddle ending their engagement.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": All's Well That Ends Well (03:11)

Graham forgives Martin Chuzzlewit Sr. for being selfish. Pinch confesses he loves Graham.

Credits: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 6 (00:53)

Credits: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 6

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Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 6

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Jonas creates an elaborate alibi for himself and travels back to Wiltshire secretly, by night, where he murders Montague. Tom Pinch, visited by young Martin in London, is led to understand by an apothecary that he had provided Jonas with poisonous drugs to speed his father’s death. Tom then discovers that his mysterious benefactor was old Martin Chuzzlewit, who now wants Tom’s help in calling a family conference—but not before Jonas has been exposed. The murder of Montague Tigg has been decisively traced to his door. Rather than face trial, Jonas takes his own life. At the family conference, old Martin dispenses rewards to the good and metes out justice on the selfish. His senility was an act, put on to test the depths of Pecksniff’s perfidy. Finally, with his inheritance and marriage to Mary assured, grandson and grandfather are reunited. Tom Pinch’s love for Mary, however, must remain unrequited; his reward will be the unreserved love and affection of all his friends.

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