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"Martin Chuzzlewit": Passing as a Gentleman (04:11)


Tigg Montague hires Bailey as a footman and is chairman of the Anglo-Bengali Disinterested Loan and Life Insurance Company. Crimple and Montague conspire on a pyramid scheme.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Board Meets (03:06)

Dr. Jobling vouches for Montague's characters with potential clients for the insurance scheme and signed four policies. When Anthony Chuzzlewit died, his son, Jonas, received a large inheritance.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Jonas Stops By (06:34)

Jonas wants to ensure his wife's life without her knowledge. Montague describes his pyramid scheme and asks Jonas to consider joining their practice.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": At the Pecksniffs' (06:27)

Charity Pecksniff accuses her father of deceiving her and wants to live independently. Seth Pecksniff asks if Chuzzlewit will remain in Wiltshire while Charity goes to London.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Wooing Graham (03:21)

Pecksniff threatens to use his influence against Chuzzlewit Jr. if Graham refuses to marry him.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Dinner at Pall Mall (05:06)

Montague, Crimple, Dr. Jobling get Jonas drunk. Benjamin Bailey escorts Jonas home and overhears him abuse Mercy. Mr. Nadgett watches the proceedings.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": In London (05:11)

Charity arrives at Mrs. Todger's Boarding House. Sarah Gamp will travel to the countryside to nurse Mr. Lewsome. Mr. Moddle asks to sit with Charity.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Unrequited Love (02:45)

Mrs. Todgers recalls how Mr. Moddle reacted upon learning Mercy married Jonas. Charity explains how her father is courting Graham.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Proposal of Marriage (05:54)

Pecksniff falls asleep listening to Tom Pinch play. Graham confesses that Pecksniff plans on using his influence on Martin Chuzzlewit Jr.'s behalf if she marries him.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Feeling Deceived (07:25)

Pecksniff confronts Pinch about his relationship with Graham and dismisses him in front of Chuzzlewit Sr. The next day, a crowd gathers to say goodbye to Pinch who is moving to London.

Credits: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 4 (00:53)

Credits: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 4

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Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 4

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Jonas immediately seeks to insure Mercy’s life but is persuaded by Tigg Montague, the managing director of a fraudulent insurance company, to become a shareholder in the business. Montague immediately commissions an investigation of Jonas’s past. In Wiltshire, Charity plans to leave her father and live independently in London. Pecksniff, seeking to take advantage of an increasingly senile old Martin, invites him and Mary to move into the Pecksniff residence so that he can force his attentions on Mary with a proposal of marriage. Mary confides in Tom Pinch, who is finally forced to recognize that his devotion to Pecksniff is misplaced. Having eavesdropped on the conversation, Pecksniff moves quickly to dismiss and discredit Tom Pinch before he can report to old Martin. The modest Mr. Pinch is given a rousing send-off by the whole village.

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